Mom’s clever hack is just what all new mums need.

“Mom, get to level 1,000.”

Are you concerned about spending nights in the hospital with your newborn while your father sleeps?

If that’s the case, have one of them in your hospital bag.

Courtesy of Samantha Mravik-Miller

When my kid (now almost six years old) was born, my husband slept through his sobbing three nights in a row while we were in the hospital. Because I was on oxygen, I had lost my voice, and my call button was out of reach one night. I recall throwing an empty water bottle at him in an attempt to wake him up so I could get our sobbing infant.

I knew I’d need even more assistance this time because I was having a scheduled c-section.

“I’ll have better aim with this than a water bottle!” I thought to myself as I tidied up my house before leaving the morning of the c-section.

Nerf weapons are aplenty in my house since I’m a guy mom. Glitter is the equivalent of darts for the boys.

I’d completely forgotten about it by the time delivery day arrived!

I requested that he retrieve anything from my backpack. ‘Ummm, why is there a nerf gun in here?’ he inquired.

‘All the better to wake you up with!’ I exclaimed. I told him it would be simpler to wake him up with it than a water bottle since ‘I’d have greater aim.’

We left it out for the remainder of the weekend, and the nurses, especially those who had witnessed his snoring, thought it was amusing. But this time, once I begged him for assistance, he awoke immediately away! Unlike the last time, I was able to catch his attention.

Courtesy of Samantha Mravik-Miller

After reading this post, I believe that other moms will be bringing one as well!

Courtesy of Samantha Mravik-Miller

Life is unpredictable, and we never have complete control. When life gets tough, choose a companion who is not just helpful but also understands your sense of humor.”

Courtesy of Samantha Mravik-Miller

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