Mom’s passed on – son comes back to life from a car crash and shares his afterlife experience with his mother

Julie and Andy Kemp were driving home from church with their eight-year-old son Landon when disaster struck, and they were engaged in an accident with an ambulance.

Unfortunately, Andy died instantaneously while his wife Julie tried to stay awake. Medics were able to stabilize her after they arrived on the scene, but they had no idea Landon was still in the car.

Medics eventually found him in the rear seat after spotting his sneaker. Landon was obscured from their view due to the car’s extensive damage.

Landon was unconscious and not breathing when medics arrived, but he was revived. The child was transported to the hospital, where he escaped twice more. The small boy’s prospects appeared gloomy, and his mother was warned that his chances of survival were poor.

Doctors told her that even if the boy lived, he might never lead a normal life since he would be locked in the body of an eight-year-old boy for the rest of his life.

The next two weeks after the tragedy was difficult for Julie. She had to first bury her spouse before watching her son battle for her life.

Landon appeared to be dying, as he was still in a coma until he unexpectedly opened his eyes. His mother and physicians were astounded to learn that he had no brain damage.

Julie didn’t know how to tell Landon about his father when he awoke. She inquired as to if he was aware of what had occurred, to which Landon replied:

“I did see him.” He also claimed to have seen one of his father’s friends, who died a month before his father died. Landon also saw the son of a friend. “None of us said anything to each other, but we were all just standing there,” the boy explained.

Julie was surprised when her son told her that he saw his mother’s two other children when he was in a coma. She wasn’t sure what he was talking about at first, but then everything returned to her.

Please look at the video below to hear what Landon went through and what he witnessed for himself.

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