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Mother Hides Camera in Daughter’s Backpack – Then She Sees Where She’s Going and Gets a Lifetime Fright!

For the previous two weeks, Emma’s daughter has been arriving home late from school every day. Every day after school, where did she go? Her mother was perplexed. Emma, on the other hand, would never receive a straight explanation from her when she challenged her about it.

As a result, Emma hid a camera in her daughter’s backpack. She received the shock of her life when she discovered where her kid went after school every day!


For the past few weeks, it had been happening over and over again. Emma asked her daughter to come home immediately after school every day.

Her daughter, Kim, would arrive home hours later after the school day ended at 4:30 p.m. This seemed odd because the bus ride home was supposed to take only ten minutes.

Every day, Emma would stand outside her window waiting for the bus, but it never came to a halt in front of her house. Her daughter would return hours later, whistling happily. Around dinnertime, she’d saunter into the house as if nothing had happened.

“I was going to ask her where she’d been,” Emma remarked, “but it was evidently none of my business.”

Emma called the school because she didn’t trust her daughter’s word…

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Emma soon received the response she dreaded. Kim, her daughter, hadn’t taken the school bus home in a few weeks.

She continued telling her teacher that her mother would pick her up later. Emma, on the other hand, quickly affirmed that this was not the case.

Nonetheless, her instructor confirmed that the small girl would escape from the schoolyard every day shortly after the bus had left.

Her teacher, on the other hand, was concerned. So, where did Kim go on a daily basis?

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Her instructor and mother both knew they wouldn’t get an answer from the obstinate little girl. There had to be a way to figure out where she went every day.

And, most importantly, why was she keeping it so private?

They both understood it was a violation of her privacy, but when you’re worried about your own child’s safety, you’ll go to any length to keep them safe.

That is why Emma purchased a little camera and hid it in her daughter’s backpack first thing in the morning. And on that particular day, as the school bell rang…

Emma sat in front of her computer, ready to go. Let the assassination commence!

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Kim wasn’t taking the bus, it was evident right away. Emma’s teacher informed her that the bus had left five minutes ago.

However, the navigation icon on the camera remained motionless in the schoolyard.

Her teacher was aware of this as well. Kim was still waiting in the playground, which she could see from her classroom window.

Even though the playground was abandoned, Kim remained alone, exploring the area as if she were looking for someone.

But for whom was she waiting?


Kim was still waiting there 30 minutes after the school bell had rung. She hadn’t moved for a long time, but that was about to change.

Her teacher noticed someone approaching in the distance, and Kim reacted eagerly. It was a tall lady wearing a red striped shirt and a black skirt.

She’d never seen this woman at school before, yet Kim seemed to recognize her. Kim took her hand as they went towards one other.

The teacher confirmed what Emma had seen on her GPS when Emma’s phone phoned at home.

Kim and the mysterious woman were on their way out of the schoolyard and walked out together….

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Emma sat on the couch, quivering with anxiety. She was itching to get in her car and chase down her daughter and the odd woman.

However, she was unable to do so because her footage was stored on wifi. This would imply that the signal would become weaker the further she moved away from home.

But she couldn’t take her eyes off her little girl. She screamed into the phone as she sat on the edge of the couch.

Kim’s teacher, who was the recipient of the scream, knew just what to do. Emma was in charge of the camera…

And it was her job to keep a careful eye on them both…

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Kim and the mysterious woman went quickly through the streets. They appeared to be in a hurry, but Kim’s teacher was just behind them.

Emma was dripping cold sweat from her brow as she held the phone. The photographs from the rucksack were restricted, but she did get a glimpse of the scenario now and then.

“What happened to them? The historic convent is visible!” On the phone, Emma said.

The photographs were confirmed by the teacher. Kim and the mysterious woman entered a monastery and vanished behind its huge doors.

She positioned herself behind the stained glass windows, trying to observe what the two of them were up to…

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It was an ancient building, and the electronics were clearly not up to par, as there was minimal visibility on the inside.

In the building, there were clearly a lot of bustles. She noticed a number of shadows moving up and down. The weird woman was standing with Kim at the end of the hall.

The young girl ran through the room with the other shadows when the woman muttered something in Kim’s ear.

Kim’s teacher was so absorbed that she forgot she had a phone in her hand for a moment. Emma’s high strident voice, however, came from the palm of her hand…


“Forget the camera, get over here, quick!” said Kim’s teacher.

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Emma had no idea how much longer she had. She put her Ipad on the couch with the camera photographs and dashed to her car. The automobile accelerated out of the driveway and towards the old monastery, its tires squeaking.

Thousands of horrible situations flashed through Emma’s mind, none of which ended happily.

During the voyage, tears began to stream down her cheeks. She didn’t, however, take the time to wipe them away.

Her face was flushed when she arrived, and she stood face to face with Kim’s teacher. But she didn’t seem to be feeling the same way Emma did.

With a big smile on her lips, she encouraged Emma to join her in watching.

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Emma was perplexed. What made her daughter’s teacher smile so brightly? Her daughter had been abducted by a strange woman. So, what exactly was going on here?

Emma stooped down to her fellow spy, half-crying and still enraged. She inquired as to what was going on and whether she should be concerned.

A soothing hand clasped Emma’s just as she was about to fall into tears again.

It was Kim, her daughter. She gave her mother a kind look before leading her into the old monastery…


The shadows in the chapel were neither menacing nor wild beasts. Hundreds of tiny children, all around Kim’s age, were present.

Kim and her mother approached the odd woman. She had already arrived at the end of the corridor.

Emma returned her gaze to the other familiar face she recognized, but Kim’s teacher, who walked away, gave an encouraging nod.

They arrived at the altar, where a woman dressed in a black skirt and a red striped shirt stood.

When Kim let go of her hand, the woman began to speak…

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I’m the proprietor of this modest orphanage. Although I don’t appear to be one, I was raised as a nun.

We look after the orphaned and abandoned children here and provide them with a safe, temporary home.

Without parents, it’s tough for children to have a good attitude in life, but your daughter has done us a great favor.

“How come my daughter?” Emma inquired of the cheerful nun.

All of these happy and playing children are because of your daughter. And it’s all due of her past…

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Kim grew up in the same neighborhood as these kids. She lost both of her parents in a car accident when she was a child, and she ended up in the orphanage system.

For a little girl, this is a very uncertain and tough time, yet rainbows usually follow the sunshine.

Kim is a textbook case in point. She was adopted by a kind woman who loved her and made her feel like a child once more.

“This mother is you,” Emma was told by the nun.

Kim comes here every day after school to play with the orphans, but she comes here most of all to tell beautiful stories about how caring and beautiful adoption can be.

And it’s already been repaid…

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“Why?” Emma inquired, her daughter staring at her in awe.

Five children have already been adopted as a result of your daughter’s excellent contribution. She visits adoptive parents with me on a regular basis to persuade them of the wonders of adoption as well.

Emma and Kim’s teacher were both crying uncontrollably. They wiped away their tears of joy and admiration, and Emma hugged her daughter tightly.

“THIS SHOULD BE PICKED UP!” Kim’s teacher exclaimed with delight.

That’s precisely what they did!

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Meanwhile, it’s been two months, and Emma, Kim’s instructor, and the orphanage owner have been quite busy.

They raised a lot of awareness for the orphanage and persuaded the local government of its value.

They were able to develop the modest orphanage into a magnificent haven for all children in need thanks to Kim’s inspiring leadership.

Over 40 youngsters have now found a loving new family and have been given a second opportunity at happiness.

What a lovely story with a message that exemplifies the best in people. Thank you very much, Kim!

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