I gave Birth To You.
I Loved You First.
I Love You Still. I Always
Have and Always Will.
Your Momma. Unknown

“My Mother:
She is beautiful,
softened at the edges
and tempered with a
spine of steel. I want
to grow old and be
like her. ” – Jodi Picoult

“For a mother
is the only person
on earth who can
divide her love among
10 children and each
child still have
all her love.”
– Unknown

“When you’re in the
thick of raising your kids
by yourself, you tend to
keep a running list of
everything you think you’re
doing wrong. I recommend
taking a lot of family
pictures as evidence to
the contrary.”
— Connie Schultz

“A mother
 is your first friend,
your best friend,
your forever friend. – Unknown

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