“My baby told me he was tired” – First grader who died by suicide may have been bullied to death

According to his parents, Jeffery Taylor, 7, was “broken” when he returned home from school for the Christmas holiday.

When the lively San Antonio teen, who liked God, church music, and pranks, came home from school on December 21st, he told his mother he didn’t want to go back to school.

“What’s the matter with you? Is it true that today is the last day of school? Aren’t you supposed to be happy? Isn’t it (Christmas) break?” According to WTOL11 News, his mother stated.

“I should,” he remarked to his mother, “but I’m not pleased.” I’m ready to leave school. They are deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf. They aren’t fond of me.”

After his parents, Jermaine and LaKeisha Chaney kissed all of their seven children goodbye, Jeffery found his mother’s revolver in a bible case under her bed and shot himself.

The gunshot was ruled an accident by investigators, but they did not specify whether they looked for evidence of suicide.

“How could this happen?” says the narrator. Jermaine remarked.

His bereaved parents have determined to use their grief at the loss of their youngest child to assist others.

“It’s been a battle.” “I put on this pretty facade, but I’m hurting inside because I miss my baby,” LaKeisha explained.

Jeffery was depressed when he got off the bus four days before Christmas. When his mother questioned him about it, he claimed that children in various grades called him the “N-word,” “Blacky,” “snaggletooth,” and “ugly.”

“No matter what I said to him the day before on Friday, it wasn’t enough because he was already broken,” LaKeisha added.

According to the mourning couple, the student allegedly destroyed her son’s shoes and boots.


“It simply feels like he was singled out and targeted,” Jermaine explained. “He was just one of those people who stuck out.”

His mother claimed that her son’s desk was separated from the rest of the class at a parent-teacher meeting. They claimed he was the only Black student in the class. According to reports, the teacher speculated that Jeffery was having problems with other kids.

“All I could do was scream,” his father recalled of the horrifying moment they discovered their sweet boy dead in his room. “I just screamed at my wife and ran back out.”

“I went right to the room,” LaKeisha added. My baby was resting there, as he usually is. However, when I turned to the left, I noticed my gun. And I noticed that my baby’s face was covered with dry blood.”


The parents, who claimed to have been trained to handle firearms, believed their children were oblivious of firearms in the house. Jeffery’s parents claimed he didn’t even have toy firearms.

His parents take responsibility for their son finding the weapon but feel the reason he used it was related to happenings at Salado Elementary, where he attended.

“East Central ISD truly mourns the loss of Jeffery Taylor,” the East Central Independent School District (ISD) declared. We are still in shock and despair over this tragedy because he was a brilliant and well-liked kid.

“We are concerned by the charges, as any kind of bullying, harassment, or violence is handled seriously and is dealt with by state law, board policy, and District protocols.”

‘A commitment to diversity and inclusion’

The District conducted a thorough inquiry with numerous teachers, staff, and classmates to determine if any bullying happened. The investigation turned up no evidence to back up the charges. On January 8, 2020, the investigation’s findings were sent to the family in a letter.

“We dug deeper into the claims at three levels: Salado Elementary, Student Services, and the Superintendent. The allegations were found to be false in every investigation.

“We are proudly unified in our commitment to inclusion and diversity at East Central ISD.”

All schools should have a zero-tolerance policy; children already have enough to deal with at school, and they don’t need the added stress and anxiety that bullying can bring.

This youngster was only seven years old, and there are many unanswered questions surrounding his death, but if he was tormented, the school should at the very least enact stronger procedures in the hopes that this does not happen again.

Jeffery’s family has my heartfelt condolences. Little one, rest in peace. Please spread the word.

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