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My mom is in heaven

My mom is in heaven
People don’t believe that angels exist in human form; some people think it’s a fairytale.
Mom, you the only angel I have seen on earth. The little time I spent with you take the most significant space of my heart.

You are my motivator and comforter. You showed me, love, I never thought it was possible. You became my best friend and confidant.
You are my most enormous fan and mentor. Without you, mom, I know I couldn’t have gone places in life or become a better person.
You loved me with my flaws and always reminded me of how strong I am, and I am your princess. You cherished me even until I became an adult. My children will be proud of the woman you moulded as their mother. You brought out the best in me; you didn’t let anything be a barrier while bringing me up.
I can remember on my eighteenth birthday. It is a day I can never forget in my life. You weren’t so rich to throw a party for me; you didn’t have material things either, but your words of advice and encouragement did a lot for me.
Your words had always kept me moving in stages of my life when I started missing the comfort your company brings.
I know you are somewhere in heaven, smiling down on me. You are an angel, and I know you will be in no other place than heaven.
I love you so much mom, and I know that someday we will meet to part no more.

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