My Star In Heaven

“My Star In Heaven”
I am sending a dove to Heaven
with a parcel on its wings be careful
when you open it, it’s full of beautiful
things inside are kisses wrapped up in
a million hugs to say how much I miss
you and to send you all my love. I hold
you close within my heart, and there
you will remain to walk with
me throughout my life, until
we meet again. – Unknown

When he died,
all things soft and
beautiful and bright
would be buried with him.
Madeline Miller

“No matter how prepared
you think you are for the
death of a loved one, it still
comes as a shock, and it
still hurts very deeply”
– Billy Graham

“If the people we love
are stolen from us, the
way to have them live on
is to never stop loving them”
– James O’Barr

“The sorrow we feel
when we lose a loved one
is the price we pay to
have had them in our lives”
– Rob Liano

Grief, after the initial
shock of loss, comes in waves…
When you’re driving alone in
your car, while you’re doing the
dishes, while you’re getting ready
for work… all ofa sudden it hits you
how so very much you miss someone,
and your breath catches, and your
tears flow, and the sadness is so
great that it’s physically painful. – Nicole Gabert

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