Never be a bad person

No matter how
bad people treat you,
never be a bad person
to take a revenge.
  Still be kind. God
knows the Beauty
of your heart.

God shapes the world by
prayer. Prayers are deathless.
The lips that uttered them may
be closed to death, the heart
that felt them may have ceased
to beat, but the prayers live
before God, and God’s heart is
set on them and prayers outlive
the lives of those who uttered
them; they outlive a generation,
outlive an age, outlive a world..

E.M. Bounds

“There is variation in our
prayer because we look
toward God from different
vantage points. Our situation
changes; we develop and are
subjected to a range of
external factors. Our situation
can also change because
we deliberately choose to
seek further into the
mystery of God.”
Michael Casey

“It is very important to
generate a good attitude,
a good heart, as much
as possible. From this,
happiness in both the
short term and the long
term for both yourself
and others will come.”
– Dalai Lama

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