‘On the trip, he switched seats to sit in our row and assist us.’ During kid tantrums, a stranger becomes the “nicest man I’ve ever met.”

“When I first flew with a baby and a toddler, I was a little nervous as we boarded the plane. My 4-month-old was screaming his head off since I couldn’t nurse him before boarding the plane owing to a sequence of unfortunate occurrences. ‘I want to get off the plane!’ my 3-year-old, who was happy before boarding the plane, lost her cool and began screaming and kicking. ‘I’m not interested in going!’ I honestly believed we’d be thrown off the plane. So, with two kids on the verge of losing their heads, I was urgently attempting to keep the situation under control. While I snatched Caroline’s seatbelt, grabbed her iPad, and started her movie, this father reached for the baby and cradled him. He entertained her once she was seated and sufficiently calm so that I could feed Alexander.

Finally, while taxiing, the screaming at the back of the plane stopped. During the flight, he coloured and watched a movie with Caroline, conversing with her and showing her all that was going on outside.

Jessica Rudeen

Caroline’s best friend by the end of the flight. While they were looking out the window, I’m unsure if he caught the kiss she landed on his shoulder.

Surprisingly, we had the same Charlotte-Wilmington connection, which he frequently used for work. With Caroline in his hand, he assisted us in exiting the plane and took us to the next gate.

Jessica Rudeen

If that wasn’t enough, he switched seats on the next flight to sit in our row to assist us. Todd, this guy, gave me warmth and compassion like I’d never seen before. When his two sons were little, he continued, his wife experienced a similar experience when a stranger offered her kindness. God’s hand is evident in this because we could have been seated next to anyone, but we were seated next to one of the kindest individuals I’ve ever encountered.”

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