Parents Are Using Social Media To Warn Others About Sinus Strep

A couple from Idaho didn’t give a weird mark on their son Coop’s face much thought until it got worse. Now, these parents are using social media to spread information about a strep strain that has infected their sinuses.

Most people think of strep throat when they hear the word strep. However, there are 20 different varieties of strep bacteria, each with its own set of symptoms.

It’s not uncommon for strep infections to spread throughout the flu and cold season. However, Idaho parents Arden and Ashlee Hawley discovered that strep might be found in more locations than the throat.

It all started when their kid Coop developed an odd mark on his cheek.

“We assumed it was a praise from his younger brother,” Arden explained.

However, as the red mark became more visible, they had the boy’s physician examine it.

Coop was given a steroid by the doctor and sent home. But this simply aggravated Coop’s red rash, which had now spread across his entire face. As a result, his parents rushed him to the hospital’s emergency room.

Doctors uncovered the source of the problem – a strep infection in the sinuses!

Arden posted on social media, “It might have been pretty horrible if we hadn’t come in.” “They informed us that if it isn’t treated, it will continue to move through their eyes and into their brain.”

Coop has returned home and is doing well, thank God. On the other hand, Arden wanted to use social media to spread the news about his son’s strep sinus infection and alert other parents.

He commented, “Please take this and show as far and broad as you can; it may save someone’s babies.”

The post by Arden Hawley has been shared over a million times. And it’s already accomplishing Arden’s goal of spreading awareness and assisting other parents.

What a joy that these courageous families are willing to share their stories to help others. And praise God for keeping each of these wonderful youngsters safe from harm. Please join us to know how to save the sweet kids.

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