Parents of 2 try for another baby, then find out there are 5 heartbeats

Megan and Joshua already had two sons and wished to add a young girl to their family. They had not anticipated growing from a family of four to a family of nine.

The road to parenthood is never straightforward. Couples always have differing views on how many children they want, whether they want boys or girls, and a variety of other “plans” they embark on! When a couple went to receive an ultrasound and heard five heartbeats coming through the speakers, their dreams for a young girl were turned upside down.


Megan and Joshua Hulen have two sons and wanted to expand their family with a young girl.


Having an all-boys household is fun, but Mama Megan was hoping for a girl! The couple started trying for a second child, hoping for a girl. Megan and Joshua already had two sons, but it wasn’t always easy to conceive.

Megan has PCOS, and none of her children had an easy time becoming pregnant.


The couple’s initial step was to start taking specific medicine to aid Megan’s pregnancy. They were soon graced with the opportunity to welcome Jacob into their lives! However, the couple knew they wanted another after a few years. Matthew was born after IUI treatment and stem injections. Joshua insisted on having a child girl, but Megan was hesitant to try again. They had previously experienced difficulties with Matthew, and she was reluctant to proceed with a third pregnancy.

Finally, they agreed to it and decided to try another baby, hoping for a girl.


It happened one day after some “trying.” They arranged an ultrasound to see how their new baby was doing, and the result came back positive! What happened next, on the other hand, was completely unexpected.

The results were alarming when the technician placed the gadget on her stomach.


There wasn’t a single heartbeat… but five! Megan was expecting a set of unusual Quintuplets! She explained, “

“When we went for the ultrasound, we were told there were five heartbeats instead of one, so we decided to try for a baby girl again.” I’m quite sure I wept for an hour!”

“Where are all of these babies going to go?” was the only concern of the 5 foot 1 mother.


The Hulen family grew from four to nine members in months.

As you can guess, the first few months were a whirlwind! Jacob (9), Matthew (3), Allison (1), Adam (1), Madison (1), Emma (1), and Chloe (1) were in sequence from oldest to youngest (1). Life changed dramatically when her family more than doubled overnight!

Megan wouldn’t trade her days for anything. They are filled with preparation, planning, and routine.


Any parent knows how difficult it is to raise a child, but going through 16 cans of baby food in one day is insane! Still, things are moving along, and the enormous family of children is maturing. Jacob has begun to assist with the family’s needs now that he is older! Are things getting out of hand? Thankfully, “crazy” and “loving” aren’t so dissimilar!

Watch the family’s chat with Truly in the video below!

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