Parrot’s Love

It’s never easy to lose a close friend. It makes no difference whether we are “prepared” or not. Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from grief. Animals, like humans, can experience sadness.

Did you know that parrots, for example, are among the most emotional and intelligent animals on the planet? They are deeply saddened when they lose someone they care about.

Sinbad, the parrot, just had to go through this with his owner, with whom he had spent the last 25 years of his life. Sinbad, like many other animals, had a profound attachment with his owner. Sinbad is usually a cheerful and happy bird, but while his girlfriend lay dying, he appeared to recognize the gravity of the situation and became pretty silent. It was interpreted as a sign of the deep empathy that birds have for their human companions. When a loved one dies, parrots, like humans, might be depressed. Antidepressants for birds are also available. The daughter of a dying mother captured the scene you are about to witness. Sinbad is called in for a final meeting as she prepares to bid her goodbyes to the world. Sinbad only wants to be by his owner’s side and expresses his love for her. As he sits on her belly, she tells him how much she loves him as well.

You are far more potent than I could ever aspire to be if you can get through this video without crying. We have a special bond with our parrots that we can’t always put into words. That’s why videos like this let us connect with others who like their pets as much as we do. This is one of the loveliest moments I’ve ever witnessed, and everyone who has ever had a particular pet may empathize with this woman.

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