People are angry about a KFC store sign plastered on their doors, and the restaurant refuses to take it down.

The owner of this KFC business made the unusual option of hanging a self-printed sign on the front entrance, which raised a few eyebrows.

Law enforcement officials have had a difficult time recently, and things are getting worse. Many officers have been singled out and abused, with some individuals presuming that all cops are terrible cops or, in some manner, corrupt.

Well, one restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio, decided to make a difference by showing the men and women in the military that they are cherished and appreciated. The window sign is creating quite a buzz!!

Facebook/Ohio Going Blue

The sign says it all:

“Every day, all uniformed police officers dine for free.”

To show all of the city’s uniformed personnel that they have the city’s undivided gratitude for their efforts every day, each time they put their safety on the line to keep us all safe.

There is no better way to fuel yourself before, during, or after a long day than with a great hot meal, which may even help keep the streets safer. How fantastic!

Things have gone crazy since the sign was pinned in the KFC window; it’s gone fully viral, with over 5,000 shares and 10,000 likes on Facebook.

The store employees have also joined in and commented on the Facebook page, stating that they do serve all uniformed police officers for free all day, every day!

You’d think that most people, especially police officers, would be supportive and delighted, but plenty of those aren’t!

Flickr/Mike Mozart

Some people were outraged by the store owners’ actions and stated that all first responders, not just the police, should be included. Even the administrator of Ohio Going Blue, an officer of the law, said he couldn’t agree more.

He stated, “

“While this is a beautiful message, some of you are blind to the broader picture.

I don’t anticipate or want anything for free or even a discount as an officer, whether in uniform or not, and I know other police feel the same way. ‘Special treatment’ is something we despise. The fact is, KFC recognizes police enforcement, which is why this was posted. Others who mentioned that additional first responders should be recognized, I agree. What’s my response? ABSOLUTELY.”

Every day, police enforcement officers put their lives on the line for us and try their best to keep us safe while receiving nothing in return, so providing them with a free dinner to keep them fueled up for their long day seems acceptable!

What makes you think about the KFC window sign? Do you agree with it?

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