People do not realize how fantastic you are.

You are intelligent, caring, and influential. Keep that in mind.

We’ve all seen them: the groupings of females who have been best friends since high school and are all stunningly beautiful and appear to be living life to the fullest. Their boyfriends are their pals, and they are always out with each other at weddings. It’s all so…cute. It can be tough not to be envious.

But keep in mind that there are many females like you out there, girls who don’t have a ‘tribe,’ girls who have a lot of friends in different circles, or girls who have a few close pals. You might only have one close friend and a few acquaintances—people who haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering just how amazing you are.

It’s acceptable to be whatever kind of girl you are. Those bands are also fantastic! You go, Glen Coco, if you’re a member of one of those girl tribes! Because it takes so much effort to sustain and cultivate long-term relationships.

But now, I’m speaking to the girls who are on their own, floating aimlessly from circle to circle. You are not broken, my love, because you don’t have a large group of girls following you around every Saturday night. Because you don’t hang out with the same folks every week, it doesn’t mean you’re weird or unlikable.

Consider it a strength. You are self-sufficient, creating your rain and dancing to the rhythm of your drum. People will dance if you make enough music. They could dance with you for a season or the rest of your life. Keep in mind that you are not alone in being a female who moves without a group of companions. There are a lot more girls out there like you than you think.

Courtesy of Harley M.

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