People Will Provoke You

“People will provoke
you until they bring out
your ugly side, then play
victim when you go there.”

“Two things are
infinite: the universe
and human stupidity;
and I’m not sure about
the universe.”
– Albert Einstein

 “How wonderful
it is that nobody
need wait a single
moment before
starting to improve
the world.”
– Anne Frank

Love yourself first
and everything else
falls into line. You
really have to love
yourself to get anything
done in this world.” 
―Lucille Ball

The bad thing about
being a famous comedian
is that every now and then
someone approaches me
to tell an old joke. Don’t tell
me jokes – I have that. People
also say the weirdest things,
sometimes sarcastic things,
and even evil things. They
like to provoke to get a
reaction. – Author: Robin Williams

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