‘Pretty all the way to the finish’ In a beautiful moment, a 97-year-old woman is compassionately cared for by her sisters.

“My 97-year-old grandmother is adored by her nine sisters, all of whom are in their nineties.” I’ll brush my sisters’ hair and make sure they look nice until the end of their lives. My grandmother was able to get hospice care in the comfort of her own home.

My grandmother had less than a week to live, so I quickly called my sisters and persuaded them that we needed to get on a plane as soon as possible. She is still alive four months later, and her sisters show her how much she is adored and appreciated regularly.

When my grandmother and four sisters entered a room, they drew everyone’s attention. There are five women in their nineties, as cute as can be, with an undeniable affection. These sisters have been in a relationship for longer than they have been with their parents and longer than they have been married to their spouses. My four sisters and I look up to them as role models. They are why we have committed to love each other with an infectious love.

My grandmother and her sisters instilled in my sisters and me the value of unconditional love. The Grandma’s are what we call them, and they continue to teach us how to love well. Sisters share more than anyone else: parents, beds, friends, secrets, and family genes are just a few of the things we share. Sisters share a unique link, and the gift of having and being a sister lasts a lifetime.

People have told me that the other spouse can die soon after when one spouse dies. My grandmother is an outlier, and I feel it’s due to her sisters. She had been a widow for nearly twenty-two years, but her sisters’ love gave her a reason to live and work.

You have a cause to live when you feel loved and wanted. These sweet sisters are the best friends; they frequently go to the gym, church, and the grocery together. They stay in touch with a daily phone call and a trip to the neighbourhood Mexican restaurant.”

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