Prince Harry opens up about his upbringing as a royalty

Being a member of the royal family entails living in the limelight. The British Royal Family, arguably the most famous family in the world, is no exception.

One may think that having the Queen of England as your grandmother is all about glitz and glam, but the truth is that having your life exposed to the world is not fun, as Prince Harry knows all too well.

He first mentioned his childhood problems in a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey shortly after he and Meghan made a choice, which enraged his family, to resign from their royal duties and relocate to California. Harry’s grandmother, brother, and father were none too pleased with the information he revealed.

He said he felt stuck until he met his wife, among other things. “I couldn’t have done it because I was imprisoned and couldn’t see a way out.” I was stuck, but I wasn’t aware of it. But it wasn’t until I met Meg, and our worlds converged in the most beautiful ways, that I realized how stuck the rest of my family and I were within the system.

“My father and brother are imprisoned,” Harry continued. “They don’t get to leave, and I feel terrible about it.”


Even though his family was upset by his statements, Harry did not stop there. “I don’t think we should blame anyone or point the finger at anyone,” the Duke of Sussex later stated on the podcast Armchair Expert. “But when it comes to parenting, I’ve certainly experienced sorrow and suffering, and that’s because my parents suffered as well.” “Those feelings are genetically inherited regardless, so as parents, we have to do everything we can to avoid anything like this from occurring to our children,” he continued.

“They were a part of the world’s newest, most revered, and exclusive group. I was on one side, watching you, and the rest of the country was on the other.” They sounded like something out of The Truman Show — have you seen it? “It’s kind of like a cross between the Truman Show and the zoo,” Harry said to the show’s online presenter.

“You were cast in a movie without even being asked if you wanted it,” host Dax Shepherd added.

“My biggest issue is that I was born there and acquired all of the elements without even having a chance in the election,” Harry responded.


He also said that his mother, Princess Diana, went to great lengths to ensure that he and William had a normal childhood, which was not the case with his father, Prince Charles.

“I feel different here,” Harry stated of his new existence in the United States, “I can ride my bike with Archie without being trailed by the media.” When I was a kid, I didn’t have this opportunity. I think it’s a sign of strength, not weakness if you talk freely about your concerns. We can’t take care of ourselves or others if we don’t have a healthy mind, so it’s critical to be cautious.”


According to the Daily Mail, the Prince indicated a desire to break the cycle of suffering by saying that his father “suffered” as a result of his upbringing by the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh and that he treated Harry the way he was treated, calling it “genetic anguish.”

Today, Harry appears to be enjoying every moment of his life with his wife and children. He has only visited Britain a few times after standing down from his royal duties, attending his grandfather’s funeral, his late mother’s statue unveiling, and his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee celebration.

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