Relationships never dies a natural death

Relationships never dies a natural death.
They are always murdered by ego,
attitude, behavior, expectations
and ignorance. -unknown

Relationship refers to resolved differences, respected boundaries and unified similarities. It takes two or more people to form a relationship. This being realized, any relationship formed require certain level of understanding and mutual agreement between and among entities involved. Relationships usually have to be sustained or they end up being fractured and destroyed. To sustain it anyway, parties must stick with the principles of appreciating their similarities and respecting their differences. Normally, relationships become stronger when the parties involved are willing to understand themselves, know that they are supposed to make mistakes and resolve not to allow the mistakes made cause an end to what is shared. Most of the times, relationships begin based on these understanding but as time progresses, they experience either expected or unexpected low because of the inabilities of the said parties to sustain the set standards which are expected to be the founding bond of such alliance. The inabilities to sustain the set standard are most times not inabilities per say. Rather, they result from the feelings of inferiority or superiority, pride, selfishness and other negative vibes which are usually alien to the formation of such union. Because the new traits and negative vibes are alien to the formed relationship, it therefore becomes that if they by any means spell an end to the alliance, they are still not natural to the setup. They are results of unresolved differences and misunderstanding which can in no way be a part of any relationship whatsoever at first. Therefore, we can say that relationships don’t die natural deaths, rather the ones fabricated by individuals’ ego, attitudes, ignorance and so on.

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