See What These Beautiful Twins Are Up To Now: A Couple Gave Birth To Beautiful Twins.

In 2010, Jaqi and her husband Kevin Clements welcomed two lovely and healthy twin daughters, Ava Marie and Leah Rose. The little girls have gained unprecedented beauty as they have grown older, attracting attention from all across the world.

With the support of their mother, they grew into professional models as they grew older. Let’s have a look at the photos to understand more about their unique childhood.


1. The Twins Arrive Before The Couple Expects

Jaqi Clements received an unexpected visit from her newborn twin girls on July 7, 2010. The twins arrived four and a half weeks early, causing the family’s lives to shift dramatically.


2. They’ve Always Been Stars

It didn’t take long for relatives and strangers to notice how different the twins looked. Their complexion was flawless, their hair was unusually silky, and their perfectly symmetrical faces added to their appeal. As a result, they were never short on praise.


3. They Weren’t Designed To Be Models

Everyone agreed that these girls should be models because they are charming, attractive, and completely unique. As a result, their mother decided to try her hand at modeling for the girls.


4. Mother struggled with the twins’ modeling work because she had three children to look after.

Jaqi listened to advice and assisted the twins in signing up with a modeling agency in Los Angeles to get them started. She did, however, already have a two-year-old boy to look for. She struggled to get out of the house most days, and she realized it wasn’t the right moment. As a result, their first attempt lasted only three months.


5. They Return To Their Regular Lives

Even though the idea was appealing, Jaqi believed it was too early to force the girls into modeling. Instead, she elected to raise the twins with their peers, as well as the rest of the family, in a regular environment. That, however, would not be the end of the story.


6. Mother desired to honor her children’s willingness.

Jaqi almost didn’t have time to think about modeling because of her demanding schedule of caring for three children, but the twins weren’t ready to let go of it after that three-month modeling experience. Jaqi rethinks her decision after seeing the twins perform, and she finally ensures that Ava and Leah have a say.


7. Mother Was Eagerly Awaiting The Appropriate Time

How can you really know what the kids think when they’re still toddlers, is the question. They are unable to make or express their own decisions. The children’s only language was weeping. As a result, Jaqi and her husband chose to wait until the twins were old enough to make their own decisions.


8. When Will The Right Time Come?

Jaqi claimed that seven was her lucky number and that girls’ birthdays fall on 7/7. So she reasoned that when the girls were seven years old, it would be a good time.


9. Inquiring about the opinions of females

“I offered my concept to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance courses and swim team practises that they had every week, they could give modelling a try,” Jaqi remarked on Ava and Leah’s birthdays.


10. The Girls Were Prepared To Take Action

What do you think the females’ reactions were to Jaqi’s words? As soon as she announced it, they started leaping up and down and couldn’t wait to get started. The twins were enthusiastic about modeling.


11. The Modeling Process Begins Once More

Fortunately, Jaqi’s next-door friend had just started a children’s boutique and was looking for models to help promote it. As a result, the twins took advantage of this fantastic opportunity and resumed their modeling careers.


12. Mother Attempted To Slow Things Down

The girls were still in their early twenties. Having kids put on a lot of cosmetics and wear a lot of nice clothes could be harmful to their growth. As a result, Jaqi took matters into her own hands and attempted to slow down the process. She did her own make-up on the kids and snapped their pictures.


13. Things Didn’t Go As Planned

The girls enjoyed modeling, but it didn’t mean they knew how to do it from the start. Some things take time to accomplish. They also had arguments and quarrels, which inevitably influenced the shoot.


14. Reconnecting with an agency

As time passed, the entire family became fully immersed in the modeling industry, so they returned to sign the daughters up with an agent. Since it had been six years since their last effort, Jaqi was concerned that finding one would be tough, but to her surprise, the process went very well, and they ended up signing with two agencies.


15. The Explosion of Social Media

Even though the primary purpose of this account was to act as a portfolio for agencies and acquire an audience, Jaqi launched an Instagram account for the girls named @clementstwins in July of 2017, and this account has gained amazing popularity with thousands of followers.


16. Gaining a Better Understanding Of The Modeling Industry

Before getting into the industry, Jaqi had no prior experience. As time passed, she had a better understanding of the industry and saw both its highs and lows. “Before trusting someone to advise you, make sure you know who you’re becoming connected with,” she believes is the most essential lesson she’s learned.


17. Where Can I Find Good Advice?

Before working with someone or conducting extensive research to get the correct counsel, Jaqi believes that you should follow your heart and ask yourself certain questions. In the long term, going in the right route will pay off, but it will also require careful thinking.


18. Dealing with Unfair Criticism

Some users claimed the girls appeared miserable all of the time, implying that they were being forced to pose and weren’t having fun. Jaqi answered by explaining that some picture shootings were meant to be more melancholy than others and that modeling was not a sad job.


19. Modeling isn’t the only thing the girls do.

Even though the twins have spent a lot of time modeling, they are still ordinary little girls. They enjoy teasing each other during photo shoots, creating music playlists in the car, and even getting on each other’s nerves.


20. They Make a Lot Of Friends (20).

The twins have made a lot of friends and met a lot of girls in the modeling profession. After only 10 minutes of auditioning, they made a new “friend” and asked their mother if this new buddy might be their cousin.


21. Many Blessings To All The Girls And Their Families

Because the girls are still young, they may have a long way to go. We all hope they have a happy childhood and a successful future together.


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