‘She had a shattered arm and was suffering from sores. In six weeks, she had been in over five homes’ – A woman adopts sisters to keep them together.

Giving a struggling child a place to call home requires a huge heart.

Kim Lacefield, a mother of three, had always wanted to adopt a child who had never been adopted. His husband is a pastor, and they understand how important it is for a youngster who has no one to look after them to feel safe and loved.

Kim got a call one day that would change her life forever. Officers informed her that three ‘God children’ were desperate for a home. Kim was first perplexed, but the cops clarified that the children’s mother was a church member where Kim’s husband worked.

She promised to take the boys in for as long as they needed it without hesitation.

“Three small faces appeared at my door thirty minutes later.” “They had nothing on their backs but what was on their backs, no toothbrush, no blanket, and no favorite pillow,” Kim told Love What Matters about her first meeting with the boys, ages 6, 8, and 10.

The older children were reunited with their father the next day, while the 6-year-old lived with Kim’s family for just over a year.

“How I adored him. I was aware that he had a father who had recently been released from prison and adored his son. I assisted him in regaining custody of his son. I understand how bizarre it may seem to some, but the finest gift you can give a child is a healthy biological parent who loves and wants them. This father, who was working full-time and prepared to commute 10 hours for his visits, deserved a second shot.”

Having these youngsters in her house offered up new possibilities for this mother. She knew she could help other children in similar situations.

Kim received a call about a 5-year-old girl a few days after the child was reunited with his father.

“She came into my house later that day with a garbage bag full of her clothes.” I had to return it to the porch and leave it there. She had pinworms, head lice, and body lice. She’d come from a filthy foster home where she claimed she’d been forced to sleep on the floor. She had visited over five residences in less than six weeks.”

Kim had to wait a long time to reach the girl who refused to communicate. Teachers were concerned when she first started school because she fell behind her friends. “It wasn’t long before the school called to inquire about what was going on.” She couldn’t trace the letter ‘L’ when she was in first grade. “She’d poop in her clothes and refuse to change,” Kim explained.

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Kim and the girl’s teacher went above and above to assist the youngster in getting back on track. The girl made significant improvement in her first year in school and was even labeled a “wonder child.”

“Teachers and social workers at the school couldn’t believe how far she’d come in a year.” “Many of the kids who come into care are emotionally five or more years below their real age,” Kim explained.

Kim was ecstatic because she had given the girl a second chance at life.

After a few days, Kim received a call regarding the girl’s 2-year-old sibling. She decided to accept this other girl because she didn’t want the siblings to grow up in different families.

“She had been staying with a family member.” She had a shattered arm and large skin lesions. Kim recounted, “She came to me during the day while her sister was in school.”

“She seemed terrified at first, but after a while, she looked up at my photo wall and said, ‘Addy.’ Her sister was the one she recognized. That was a life-changing experience for me. It has instilled in me a strong desire to keep sibling groups together.”

Kim and her husband were given the girls’ biological mother’s rights. She could not care for her girls since she was frequently in and out of treatment. Kim granted her the opportunity to visit her girls whenever she wanted since she loved them and wanted to be engaged in their lives. The mother eventually opted to place her daughters for adoption, and they became part of Kim’s family.

“I’ve wanted to adopt since I was a little girl.” Even as a child, the thought of children not being loved gave Kim nightmares,” she added.

“It was made possible by the courts, and both children were adopted last week on (the younger sister’s) seventh birthday, five years after she came to me with a broken arm.”

Despite the fact that Kim and her husband now have five daughters, their home is always complete with children because they step in anytime they hear of a youngster that no one else wants to foster.

“I frequently hear, ‘I could never do what you do; I’d become too attached.’ ‘That’s exactly what the kids require,’ I respond. You’re doing it wrong if you don’t get attached.’ Children are deserving of affection. It’s better for me to suffer than for them to continue to suffer.”

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