She was a street person, yet she never asked for money.

An 80-year-old woman named Wanda Ritter shares a heartbreaking but real tale.

Wanda has been without a house for about 16 years. He tried to convince people that the government owed him $100,000 daily. Everyone thought she was crazy walking the streets with three suitcases full of paperwork and unpaid checks.

Witter was a working mother of four and a locksmith. She spent years demonstrating that the social security system was failing her on the streets of Washington.

They believed I was crazy for getting rid of my belongings. The lady said, “I used to convince myself that if I did something stupid, they would think I was crazy.

Social worker Julie Turner, 56, heard Witter speak one day and realized she was right.

Turner double-checked Wanda’s documentation and confirmed that it was accurate.

She required financial support, not mental health care. Turner said, “He owes the state $100,000.

But how did the wife figure out that something was wrong?

Witter started receiving monthly cheques ranging from $300 to $900. Witter called Social Security, but they could not answer his questions concerning the disparities.

The cheques were returned because the woman decided not to cash them because she believed they had a problem. If I had gathered them and asserted that a mistake had been committed, “Who would have believed me?”

Witter told local media that while she remains skeptical, she will have more faith in the outcome if she receives the right check.

Social worker Julie Turner helped Witter locate a $500 apartment.

A week after the news was reported, Witter received his first Social Security cheque for $1,644.

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