Someone I love is in Heaven and can’t be with me this Easter

Someone I Love
is in Heaven and can’t
be with me this Easter.
I miss them so much,
but they will always
be in my Heart.

“If Easter says anything
to us today, it says this:
You can put truth in a grave
but it won’tstay there.”
-Clarence W. Hall

“The Easter eggs symbolizes
our ability to break out of the
hardened, protective shell we’ve
surrounded ourselves with that
limits our thoughts and beliefs.
As we break open our hearts
and minds we discover a
transformation to new, life
enhancing thoughts and beliefs.”
-Siobhan Shaw

“I still believe in Santa,
the Easter Bunny, the
Tooth Fairy, and true
love. Don’t even try
to tell me different.”
-Dolly Parton

“The story of Easter is the
story of God’s wonderful
window of divine surprise.”
-Carl Knudsen

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