Sometimes God Will SLOW You Down so That The EVIL Ahead Of You Will PASS Before

Sometimes God Will SLOW You
Down so That The EVIL Ahead
Of You Will PASS Before You
Get There. Your DELAY Could

Humans are dreams beings. But do we always have what it takes to achieve the bogus dreams we conceive? Most times we don’t! Because of this, nature has a way it programs us differently from our own desires. It slows us down sometimes to avoid the huge pitfalls that may come along with our aspirations.

Think for a second about a little boy of ten years whom you ask what his present desire is and mentioned buying a car or getting it as a gift from anyone. God actually has the power to answer such prayers, but will he answer it? Probably not. This is why. If a child of ten years has a car from whatever means (gift or purchase), he might not have enough from the same means for its maintenance. It simply means that such achievement will be short-lived and within a few years the child may be back to walking the hood on his feet. This will be a far worse experience after having a car.

Aside from this, a ten years old under the law is not allowed to drive a car. This means that he will face many difficulties that ranges from personal to financial, social and legal alibis. In that case, the prayer is better not answered.

Every one of us are like the little kid in the brief analogy. We dream of great and good things but most of the times those things do not fit our current status and resources. Rather, than be a source of joy, they will likely end us up in more difficult situations than we appear to be currently. God knows all of this more than us. Therefore, he will always slow us down even when we have certain good wishes so that the evil ahead which may well be bigger than the ones we currently experience to have wanted a better life at first will pass before we get the wishes.

Delay is never a denial. Rather, it is a preparation and protection ahead for the good times you wish for. God doesn’t do bad. He knows more than we do. He listens and turn his ears away because you are not ready yet for that wish of yours.

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