Son raped a girl; his father took him to the police station to confess.

When the parents discovered their teenage son’s texts sent to the rape victim, they realised what he had done.

When the father of an 18-year-old from South Wales learned that his son had committed a horrible crime, he realised he had to do the right thing. The father decided to let him suffer the price rather than covering it up and attempting to protect him from the law.

Jack Evans, an 18-year-old top student, was accused of raping a girl at 17 years old. He was in college at the time, studying history, computing, and math in January 2019. He nearly escaped prison after committing the sexual offence because the girl, a virgin before the encounter, never came forward and protested.

When his parents saw a text he wrote to the victim apologising for what he had done to her; they realised the truth. When the victim’s father, a 47-year-old software engineer named Jonathan, and mother, Sarah, 47, got the message from their son, asking the victim not to go to the police, they were astonished.

When the parents went to the children’s guidance centre, they were instructed that they needed to report the incident to the police. “I did not march him to the station,” Jonathan told Mirror. “I believe you have to own what you did. Therefore I had to make it his choice.”

The parents took Jack to the police station, where he confessed to the murder, and the investigators discovered the victim.

“I’m proud of him for deciding that the right thing to do was accept it. He was a clever guy; he just made a mistake,” the father added. “I’m hoping that going to prison will give him time to reflect.”

While some parents may remain silent about their children’s actions, Jonathan believes that “We wanted him to comprehend what he had done. He’s realised that what he’s done is incorrect. It’s been challenging, but all I wanted to do was assist him. We are a strong family unit, and we have had a lot of support from friends, who tell me I am doing the right thing.”

According to the Daily Mail, defending attorney, Gareth Williams said in court, “It is scarce for somebody to acknowledge such a significant act without a complaint.” A suspended sentence was requested due to “special circumstances.”

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke, however, stated that he must still do time for his actions. “You apologised to your victim two months after the incident and stated you understood why she was unhappy,” the judge added. “However, your father and mother noticed the text and escorted you to the police station. You identified yourself to an officer and stated that you had intercourse with the young woman.”

Jack was committed to a young offender institution for two years and will be a registered sex offender for the following decade. He received a sentence that took into account his age at the time of the offence and his guilty plea.

The father expects that when his son’s sentence is through, he will be able to hire him in his software engineering firm and hopes that Jack will gain some qualifications and make good use of his time.

Jonathan also spoke to Mirror about forcing his son to confess, saying, “I would do the same thing again if I had to because that is my moral position; it is painful, but it is the right thing to do. You can’t get on with your life if you’re living a lie; as painful as it is, it’s the proper thing to do.”

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