Stubborn people are born in March, April, July and October

Stubborn people are
born in March, April,
July and October..
is there anyone in your friend list..
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i’m so stubborn i’ll fuck around &
catch an attitude on my wedding day
and won’t get married whole
wedding cancelled..

24 thoughts on “Stubborn people are born in March, April, July and October”

      1. March baby and I’m very stubborn. I will get the last word. It’s my way or the highway. Can go years without speaking to someone if they piss me off.

        1. I am born on October… so stubborn and called “Major Tantrum”… i do what i want when i want whenever i want….

    1. Same here. Born in October and I’m the poster child of the “scale”. I have to have balance whether it’s in my favor or not and that leaves no room for being stubborn.

  1. Being an April person I am more of a determined person than stubborn . I am determined not to be any ones ass under any circumstances.

    1. For real I said the same thing ariws just ain’t with the fuckery ik iain I wouldn’t call that stubborn and sometime I compromise depends on the situation an who

    1. Born in April, don’t tell me no. I’m going to do what I want, anyway. Being stubborn is my middle name. Once my mind is made up, there is no changing my decisions.

    2. Wow!!! This my entire family March, July, October. Mother , sisters, and spouse. And they are every bit stubborn to the core.

  2. They’ve got Arians all wrong. Whoever said I refuse to be your ass. That’s us! We are loving, long-suffering but can and will stand up for what we see is right… aka not being anyone’s ass. I don’t think that’s stubborn that’s just how everyone should be (spoken by a true Aries)

  3. Who wrote this BS? Taurus, Aries and Capricorn are all known to be stubborn and their months are May, April and December.

  4. I was born in July, my mom is of German decent and my dad is of Irish decent, so I guess that gives me a nasty temper. I have learned to keep it under control.

  5. Four of us kids… I’m March, my sister is April, one brother is July, and the other brother is October. Oh lordy, my poor mother. LOL

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