Students proudly display them on their vehicles following an administrator’s request to remove American flags from autos.

Parents were horrified to learn that their children had been summoned to the police station for flying an American flag on their vehicle.

Students’ conduct, clothes, language, and behavior while in those hallowed halls and confining walls are governed by dress codes, codes of conduct, and other rules.

However, when a teacher at Franklin County High School in Virginia sought to enforce a rule, the student’s response was terrific.

Three kids were told they couldn’t fly the American flag on their trucks anymore because it was “offensive” and “disruptive.” One of the teen’s mothers was taken aback!

“My kid contacted me from school and said he noticed an administrator near his truck and that he was being summoned to the office.”


Other kids were as astounded when they learned what was going on. After all, they were Americans, and the flag was a patriotic way to express their love for their homeland.

So the next day, a group of classmates rallied behind the three troubled students. They formed a caravan of vehicles on their way to school, all flying the American flag, and drove through town together.


Before you see them, you can hear the roar of the trucks’ engines in the video below, which shows a parade of mostly white vehicles proudly displaying the American flag. A car or two even made it into the flag parade. They drove into the school parking lot, one vehicle’s horn blasting the opening notes of “Dixie.”

A mother’s video of their act of unity went viral when it was captured on camera. Thousands of people couldn’t believe a public school administrator forbade kids from flying the American flag on their vehicles.

Jon Crutchfield, the school’s principal, called one of the original three students’ mothers later that night.

“He has apologized to the boys and informed them that flying their flag on their truck is not against the rules.” It appears to have been a significant misunderstanding that should never have progressed this far.”


Franklin County High School isn’t the first public school that has attempted to prohibit the use of the flag. Administrators instituted a flag display restriction after students flew the Confederate flag on their vehicles parked at Rocori High School in Minnesota. According to school officials, the flags were inappropriate and prompted worry among other pupils.

The following day, high school students demonstrated against the prohibition. About 25 vehicles with American flags were parked in the school parking lot. By the end of the day, student leaders and school administrators had agreed that an all-encompassing ban would not be enacted and that objectionable flags or banners would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Students at Mount Zion High School in Georgia formed a human chain around a classmate who was informed he couldn’t display the American flag on his truck at school. The classmate expressed his delight on social media.

“It bothers me because when my mother picks me up from school in my pickup, which is flying an American flag, a staff member comes out and informs me that we are not permitted to fly it in the school’s parking lot.” This doesn’t seem right. This is our raison d’être. Things like this are what our men are fighting for.”

Students were perplexed as to why the school could fly an American flag out front in the schoolyard but not on their automobiles.

See how the students banded together to protest being barred from flying the American flag on their vehicles while at school in the video below. What are your thoughts on such restrictions?

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