‘SURPRISE! ‘You’ve just given birth to twins!’ ‘Oh, f—!’ were the only words that sprang to mind. ‘It was amazing!’ says mom after giving birth to a surprise twin.

“This is the storey of my SURPRISE twins,” says the author. ‘SURPRISE! You’re carrying twins,’ for example. ‘SURPRISE!’ it was like. ‘You’ve just given birth to twins!’

I wasn’t intending on having an ultrasound because I was planning on having a home birth (but I did have a natural water birth). I continuously measured ‘properly for one baby.’ With the Doppler, there was always only one heartbeat. I suffered awful morning sickness for a month, followed by unbearable migraines that the chiro couldn’t even assist with! I’m surprised my skin didn’t burst from the swelling last month.

My midwife suspected I was breech at the end and suggested an ultrasound. It turned out to be a combined presentation (Superman position, not nuchal). So I went to the chiro and then went in for another ultrasound right away. With a complex expression, my midwife informed me that she wouldn’t let labour progress naturally, so I was eager for the baby to move to give birth at home. We were good to go after the second ultrasound (which included all four quadrants and was performed by a sonographer) confirmed the baby had moved.

So, on July 12th, I awoke with a ruptured water pipe. My midwife left me 16 hours to go into active labour before cancelling my planned home delivery. When it got close to 16, and I still didn’t want to go in, she spoke with another midwife (Kate), whom I had met while getting my ultrasound. She agreed to wait for a day and a half.

I opted to wait a little longer because active labour hadn’t arrived at 24 hours, and she was dropping me anyhow, so I went in about 1 p.m. on the 13th. This would take roughly 30 hours to complete.

On the other hand, my sister Lindsay didn’t think she’d have enough time to travel the 13 hours and reach it in time for the birth. So her father offered his miles for her tickets the night before! I was in desperate need of her; she felt the same way, and we both grieved when we feared she wouldn’t make it in time for the birth.

I arrived at the hospital, and as I was unlocking the car door, she texted me that she was on her way to my house (20 minutes away)! I experienced my first contraction at the same time!

We enter the building and check-in. The first nurse-midwife I see is Marnie, who was at the hospital where I had sutures two years ago after my home delivery with my son! She was incredible! She was at a 40-minute drive away in an entirely different hospital. She was the one thing in the other hospital that made it pleasant!

When she takes me up, I see that they have a vast birthing tub! They attach a baby monitor to me (just one heartbeat!). My sister has arrived by this time. After speaking with my midwife and learning that I would most likely be coming in the following day, midwife Kate had taken the night before off to sleep. She was also incredible! She was the one who persuaded my midwife to let me go into labour with a complex presentation on my ultrasound. Kate’s kid was born at home with an elaborate display, so I informed my midwife that I wanted her to be there if I had a hospital birth.

Ashley hurried over to bring me some birthing supplies and affirmation cards, and with that clary sage, she saved the day!

It didn’t take long for my contractions to become powerful. I was feeling solid contractions around 2:20 p.m. I climbed in the tub; I wasn’t intended to give birth in it, but by the time I felt the urge to push, #1 had already crowned, and there was no way out. So, with two pushes, I had my first, and my first words were, ‘IT’S SO TINY!!’ I had no idea what sex it was!

After that, I had another massive contraction. ‘Oh, it’s probably the placenta already coming,’ one nurse said. ‘Oh, it’s a water bag!’ exclaimed another. That’s something I’ve never seen before.’ I couldn’t say anything the whole time. And I’m shouting in my thoughts, ‘It’s ANOTHER ring of fire!!!’ My second push came less than two minutes after my first, and she was born EN CAUL with two more pushes. I was stunned, as was the rest of the crew, and I wished I had someone photographing my spouse because I’m blind and couldn’t see his expression.

‘Oh, f—!’ was the only thing I could muster.

Courtesy of Lyndsey Altice
Courtesy of Lyndsey Altice

Ada Maze and Billie June were born at 2:47 and 2:49 p.m. on July 13th, at 38 weeks and four days. BOTH were weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz. and measuring 20 in.

Courtesy of Lyndsey Altice

They shared the same blood type and had three hairs three inches longer than the rest of their hair (which they still have)!

Courtesy of Lyndsey Altice

They weighed them three times because they couldn’t believe they were the same size and weight!

It was stunning. I’m not even disappointed that I won’t be able to give birth at home again. It couldn’t have been any more perfect serendipity.

They both received a 10/10 on their APGAR, which they claimed they seldom give any babies, let alone twins! We were released after 24 hours and did not have to spend any time in the NICU. Because my insurance covered it, I gladly stayed an extra day because I needed the lactation support and room service. During my stay, I believe every staff member visited me. People didn’t think it when it happened, so they had to witness it for themselves.

Courtesy of Lyndsey Altice

While pregnant with them, I dreamed that I would give birth to two petite baby girls and one huge boy. Now I’m the mother of two little girls and a three-year-old son! That’s insane!

It was just stunning… I’ll never forget the fantastic emotions that accompanied those photographs. I had never been happier in my life. We were both in such good spirits, and I believe that everything happens for a purpose. Although the chances of another kid concealing in the womb are exceedingly slim, it did happen.”

Courtesy of Lyndsey Altice

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