Thank You God

‘Thank you God for all that
you do for me, clothes on my back,
shoes for my feet, a roof over my
head, family and friends, food on
the table and clean water to drink
and a bed to sleep on. So many
blessing. Amen

Because we cannot
see just what God is saving
us from, we vent our foolish
reproaches; if we could see
this, we would often kneel
down and thank God for
certain trials as the richest
of His mercies.

Thank you for giving
me free will to love and
be loved, to make my
own decisions, to learn
from my mistakes, to
laugh when I am happy,
to cry when I am sad.
Amen.. Unknown

Never give up hope.
All things are working
for your good. One day,
you’ll look back on
everything you’ve been
through and thank
God for it. Germany Kent

What I have done
is worthy of nothing
but silence and
forgetfulness, but
what God has done
for me is worthy of
everlasting and
thankful memory.”
Joseph Hall

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