The best feelings in the world

Everyone has their unique view of things. We all seem to have different or slightly varying choices. We also have different ways of reacting to situations and placing importance on things too.
People will always consider different feelings as their best feeling. Many could choose to fall in love as their best, many could choose the love of a parent, and some will prefer the love of friends. It all depends on experiences.
What I tag as the best feeling in the world is the joy of every parent seeing their children happy. One can say that the feeling of having money to take care of their loved ones is the best, but I have seen poor, happy homes more than happy, wealthy homes.
You can never understand until you are there. The joy of every parent is seeing their children doing better than them. They feel so happy and fulfilled that they have raised a king, who is a rare gem.
A parent once said that he could go any length to see his kids’ smile; that is how they hold their children’s happiness in high esteem. You can never imagine the smile it brings on their faces.
I have seen parents who lost their lives after their children kicked the bucket. The love of a parent is unconditional. It is genuine and hopeful, that is the purest form of love and the best feeling in the world.
Even as individuals, we are always happy seeing our parents happy for us and seeing as promising great people. The feeling is mutual; that’s the best feeling in the world.

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