The Best Parent

Having both parents can be so usual and ordinary that we often neglect the possibility of losing one and what might happen.
The love of a father is often underrated. The main focus most times is often the love of a mother.
No one ever cares to bother about the sacrifices fathers have to make to make ends meet. You can never see their secret tears or worries because they are meant to be strong for their wives and children.
Fathers are the most energetic people on earth. No one knows how they do it. They can go without clothes, to clothe their wife and children. They can go as far as doing the abominable to see that the family is in comfort.
When the kids grow up, they seem to neglect the sacrifices and focus on mom, who was always there. Have you tried to ask why dad wasn’t always there just like mom? We should always appreciate and love our fathers. No matter how strong and sturdy they might seem to be, they deserve our love and care.
You can never know what kept them far from us until you get closer to hear their stories. They are also humans that deserve our love and care. It shouldn’t be just mom.
In an African setting, a home without a father is a roofless home. You can never know their importance and what they represent and protect until they are no longer there.
Fathers are great, likewise mom. We should always care for them because we came from them.

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