The customer helps the destitute cashier and her children

The single mother of three had been evicted and was doing her best to locate a new place for her and her children to reside. Unfortunately, she lacked the funds and time off from work, making it much more difficult.

Every year, Christmas is a time for giving. While we all know that being kind isn’t limited to the holidays, something about this time of year motivates us! When she discovered that her favourite barista wasn’t working anymore, one woman who travelled through the same Dunkin Donuts drive-through every day decided to do something deserving of some major holiday cheer.


Suzanne Burke has been a long-time customer of a Mount Healthy Dunkin Donuts drive-through.


As any regular client knows, you begin to bond with the personnel and eventually recognise their faces! Even more, you begin to learn tidbits about their life simply from the small conversations you have each day. Burke developed a bond with one of the workers, a girl called Ebony Johnson, due to his regular injection of caffeine.

Johnson, who is 33 years old, has worked at the drive-through for roughly three years.


She’s had enough contact with Burke in that time to form a bond with her regular! Burke was concerned when she saw Johnson had ceased showing up to work because the two were so close.

Burke went ahead and asked Johnson if everything was okay in her life when she finally returned to work weeks later.


Unfortunately, it was not the case. She had been trying to locate a place to live with her children because they had been evicted during those weeks she had been absent. Furthermore, the loss of money due to taking time off had exacerbated the problem, but she didn’t have an option. She and her three children were now homeless.

Johnson became a little overwhelmed as she explained the problem.


Johnson told TODAY, “I wanted to give up.” “I sobbed.” Nobody understands what I’m going through since I constantly attempt to smile for our customers when I come to work.”

It had been a difficult period for her, and it wasn’t easy for her to talk about, much less live through it. Thankfully, her storey did not end there. Burke left Johnson a message as she was leaving, asking her to contact her if she needed any assistance.

Johnson reached out soon after and accepted Burke’s offer of assistance.


Burke had spent the majority of her career in social services and knew many people who could help her buddy. Burke was resolved to assist Johnson in getting back on her feet, even though it would take some effort.

Then, nine months later, a breakthrough occurred.


Johnson said, “Oh my God, that was so fantastic, I just burst out bawling.” “I’ve never lived in a house that was completely equipped. This is the first time I’ve ever received such assistance. I had been praying that God would provide us with a home before Christmas, and He did. “I’m just grateful.” – RIGHT NOW.

Burke also contacted a few businesses to see if they would be willing to furnish the flat. They were delighted to do so. Johnson and her children would now have a warm house to wake up in and celebrate Christmas this year.


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