The Doctor enters and apologizes after the couple toasts their son’s birth.

These new parents raised a glass to their son’s birth. He had arrived at long last. They were overjoyed until the doctor strolled in with a troubled expression on his face.

“Sorry, we’ve got an issue!” he exclaimed.

No new parent wants to hear that sentence. As a result, this young mother and father stared at the doctor with wide eyes. What the hell had happened?


This couple had just announced the birth of their miracle to the rest of the world. The doctor had certified their newborn kid to be healthy. He had performed a fast post-check and found nothing to be wrong. In reality, the delivery went off without a hitch.

In the hospital bed, her spouse sat close to his wife. He took a bottle of champagne from his pocket. The new family raised a glass in honor of the baby, toasting along with their son. They were ecstatic to bring their baby home.

However, just as the glass was about to meet their lips, the doctor hurried in and exclaimed,

“I’m sorry, but there’s an issue!”

Eat this, not that
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It was finally time for Bob (35) and Mary (32). They had been waiting for this moment for nine months. They had been looking forward to this for a long time. For a long time, the couple had been trying to conceive. Unfortunately, they had a difficult time doing so.

Until Bob returned home one day and discovered a positive pregnancy test on the table. He was overjoyed and burst out laughing.

Mary jumped and ran straight from the kitchen into his arms when she heard his excitement. “Isn’t this a lovely surprise, darling?” As the two stood there with tears in their eyes, she screamed.

Not knowing what was about to happen…

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During the birth, there was a good amount of stress in the hospital room. Mary’s waters had broken just a few hours before. The pair had arrived at the hospital in a hurry. She was given her own room shortly after arriving. In a few hours, their little child would be in their arms.

The delivery went off without a hitch. The baby appeared to be on the verge of erupting. It was almost as if he was collaborating. Mary had given birth in record time.

“He’s a perfectly healthy little boy!” the doctor exclaimed after a cursory examination. Their eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Unfortunately, this fairy tale quickly transformed into a nightmare of uncertainty!

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As soon as the doctor handed their son, Ken, over to Bob, he opened a bottle of champagne. He was such a lovely little child. The new parents became teary-eyed. Their request had been granted. Bob poured champagne into the glasses. He even gave the doctor one. “This isn’t actually permitted, but go ahead,” he murmured carefully as the glasses sounded.

The nurse summoned the doctor shortly after the toast. He stated that he would be right back. Without him, the couple had to begin their celebrations.

That was going to work out fine. Bob and Mary couldn’t take their gaze away from Ken, the tiny boy. Never before had champagne tasted so wonderful.

But, all of a sudden, the doctor returned with a worried expression on his face.

“Please put your glasses away. We’ve got an issue!”


The room was instantly filled with a tense mood. The glasses were swiftly placed on the side table by the pair. They gazed at the doctor, stunned. “Is our youngster ill? Is something wrong with you?”

A thousand thoughts raced through their heads, but none of them brought them any kind of comfort. They were certain that their long-awaited fantasy would come crashing down.

Because, after years of trying and failing, they could now add this to their litany of failures. They both began to cry. Joyful tears transformed into somber ones.

“What are the chances of this happening? This is an absolute nightmare!”

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During the post-labor check-up, their doctor had most likely detected something unusual. Perhaps their child was handicapped. Both parents appeared to be in a state of fear. Their doctor had noticed it in their eyes as well.

That’s why he swiftly interrupted their thought process with these words:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS.”

He went on to say, “Everything is in order for your young son, he is in wonderful health. But I’ve got something else in mind for you.”

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“I told you that this was the smoothest hospital birth ever, and that my hidden glass of champagne with you had gone unnoticed. My colleagues, on the other hand, had covertly caught me with the glass by peering through the doorway.”

“That’s not all, though. Because, after hearing your story and seeing how hard you’ve worked to get to this point, we’ve decided to help you.”

The doctor reached behind his back for another bottle of champagne, and just around the corner from their room, all of the maternity nurses arrived with a glass of champagne for tiny Ken.

But the surprise didn’t end there…

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The hospital was authorized to grant a scholarship once a year to a cause that they truly believed in. It may have been as much as, 000.

This time, it would be Bob, Mary, and Ken who would be the lucky beneficiaries. The crew had unanimously chosen to give them this present because their story was so wonderful and the pair deserved it so much.

A large check appeared, and their prospective nightmare quickly transformed into a lovely fairy tale. Happiness tears, hugs, and champagne emerged once more.

That €20,000 was deposited into their son’s university savings account!

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