The dog barks at the babysitter, but Mom hides a camera in the baby chair.

This dog began barking whenever the nanny came over. It was a continual barking sounds, not just a few barks.

Because she didn’t trust the scenario, the mother placed a camera in her baby’s crib before the babysitter arrived one day.

She was so stunned by what she later saw on the video tape that she dismissed the babysitter right away!

Susan’s dog began barking loudly every time the nanny arrived. Her dog was generally a large, gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly, so she felt this was weird.

But with this nanny, he began barking and growling incessantly. This was odd, because the nanny appeared to be a lovely young lady.

Susan placed a covert camera in her son’s cot to find out what was going on.

And the photographs did not deceive…

Susan, a single mother of two, was 26 years old. She didn’t want to leave her child with a stranger, but she didn’t have an option.

She was compelled to work full-time to make ends meet and care for her son financially.

Susan had to rely on a nanny on a regular basis to care for her young son because it wasn’t an easy life.

Even so, something didn’t sit right with her…

She’d had a regular nanny for a few months at this point. It was a young girl who preferred to supplement her income by caring for her small son.

Susan didn’t think anything was wrong with it. However, when her dog began barking at the nanny one day, she began to question her decision.

She waited a few more weeks to see what would happen. However, as the barking and snarling persisted, she decided to conceal a camera in the baby’s crib. However, there were unintended repercussions…

Susan left the house that night, sick to her stomach. She was working the night shift and would be up all night.

At first, everything appeared to be going swimmingly. When she texted the nanny to inquire on her son’s well-being, she was informed that he had already dozed off.

However, as the evening progressed, things began to go wrong. Susan received a surprise phone call just as the clock struck midnight…

Her neighbor dialed her number. She seemed concerned and inquired if Susan was aware of what was going on at her residence.

Susan shook her head, perplexed. “No,” she said, “my son is already asleep and the nanny is alone at home.”

The neighbor, on the other hand, seems unconvinced. She claimed she heard a lot of noise coming from the house and when she rang the doorbell, no one answered…

Susan must have dialed her nanny’s number a hundred times. But it merely went to her voicemail each time. She decided to inform her supervisor as a result.

“I have an emergency at home and need to go right away!” she exclaimed, her voice trembling. Her boss did nothing but raise his brows and sigh deeply. “Then go!” he exclaimed.

Susan didn’t have to say it twice to her supervisor. She dashed out the door and drove home as quickly as she could…

She was taken aback by what she discovered when she returned home. The home was filled with a deafening roar and lights that seemed to radiate in every direction.

With trembling hands, she shoved the key into the lock and slammed the door open. “Wait, what’s going on here?! She screamed, her eyes wide with surprise at the individuals in her living room.

The nanny was taken aback and put up a variety of justifications. Susan, on the other hand, was not interested in hearing them. She shooed the gang of kids out of her living room and dashed to her son’s room…

Susan yanked her young kid out of bed and cradled him in her arms, rocking him back and forth. It took her a long time to quiet the small child down because he looked to have been crying for a long time.

Susan decided to check at the camera footage after her son had fallen sleeping. She then noticed that the nanny had put her son to bed and let her friends in as soon as she had left the house.

She turned up the volume on the music and danced all night. Susan couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

She fired the nanny right away and resolved to only leave her son with friends or family in the future.

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