The dramatic story of a gorgeous girl; others should be aware.

“My middle daughter, Jessica, and I are at the San Francisco Trauma Hospital.” As a result of domestic violence, she is in intensive care and on life support. Her body is bruised, she has big knots in her skull, and she was strangled to death. It took three attempts for the EMTs to restart her heart, and she still couldn’t breathe on her own. She is on a respirator and placed in a cool coma to help her brain work again.

Cindy Martin-Wolfe

They’ll gradually warm her up while keeping an eye on her brain. They’ll carefully rouse her up if possible to assess the extent of the harm. This is how her “lover” expresses his affection for her. He’s on the run, and her children are in the hands of Child Protective Services. On Friday, I’ll go to court to obtain them. Our family is heartbroken and anxiously awaits the return of our lovely lady.

We need to work together more.

We must put an end to this evil.

Cindy Martin-Wolfe

Please remember Jessica and our entire family in your prayers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to yours.

I’m posting images of her so that any females dealing with or heading in this way can see them. She’d like to show them what they’re up against.

“Thank you very much.”

Cindy Martin-Wolfe

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