The father of two had 98 percent of his body burned, but he never lost trust in God.

We’re all born equal in this world, and we should all have the same opportunities and be treated with the same respect and care to help us flourish.

Our unique adventures, unfortunately, are just that: individual. Growing up, some of us had nothing but compassion. Others are subjected to extreme hardships and difficulties from a young age. Others continue to suffer through things that no child should have to go through.

Chris Tomlinson belongs to the latter group. Now an adult with two girls, Chris has followed a painful and challenging route. Fortunately, his faith is strong and has withstood the test of time, even though it could have easily crumbled in the face of adversity.

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According to The Epoch Times, Chris was only a child when he was killed in a sad accident.

Chris went away from his parents and into a shed in his family’s backyard before he was two years old. The curious youngster knocked over a can of gasoline and got himself covered in gasoline.

When the water heater’s pilot light switched on, it ignited the fuel, catching Chris on fire. The small youngster had 98 percent of his body burned and was in excruciating pain.

Chris’ mother hurried him to the hospital, where doctors estimated that he had only a 1% chance of surviving the night.

The courageous little kid overcame the overwhelming odds and survived with his family by his side.

His life, understandably, was irrevocably altered.

He spent the remainder of his childhood in and out of hospitals, undergoing over 200 surgeries to heal his body.

“I always found the positivity in everything,” Chris told GodUpdates. Because I felt God was with me, I had a big wide smile on my face… It wasn’t only my power that got me through; God was with me the entire time.”

Chris was advised that he would never be able to have children because of the different obstacles and sufferings he had experienced as a youth.

On the other hand, Chris proved them wrong once more by welcoming not one but two children into the world. Holding down a steady work has proven challenging at times due to his injuries — and the accompanying disparities in his appearance and physical appearance.

Chris and his girls have now become homeless as a result of this. On the other hand, Chris refused to give up his faith in God.

The father-of-two turned to the internet a few years ago, hoping to start a conversation about his numerous challenges. He didn’t want sympathy or support from anyone; instead, he tried to spark a conversation about how individuals with disabilities are perceived and handled in today’s world.

The response was more than he could have imagined, and the kindness of strangers on the internet helped Chris get back on his feet while he was in the wrong place.

Unfortunately, Chris’s 14-year-old wife left him and the girls soon after, leaving him to raise them as a single father and throwing him back into the unknown.

Chris described his wife’s leaving as “awful.” “I’d rather be burned all over than go through that.”

But, perhaps tellingly, it was when he was back in the depths of despair that he regained his strength.

He remarked, “I glanced at my kids, and they were beaming at me and hugging me.” “And I said to myself, ‘This is my mission.’ ‘This is what I must do; they require my assistance.’

Chris experienced possibly his greatest epiphany of them all while attending a funeral for a relative. He was involved in an automobile accident that acted as a wake-up call, leading him to believe that he should return to Plant City, Florida, to raise his girls.

He’s still getting unusual looks from passersby since the relocation. He’ll never get over the fact that he looks different from everyone else because of the tragic accident when he was a toddler.

God may work in strange ways for Chris, but he has a plan for all of us, and it is that message that he is now attempting to communicate.

“Getting my story out there is a significant passion of mine.” Chris clarified, “Not for me, but to bring glory to God.”

“Because many people believe God has stopped operating – that God no longer performs miracles.” Every second of every day, God performs marvels. All you have to do is have a look around.”

I’m not sure about you, but Chris’s tale is quite motivating. It’s incredible that he’s been through so much grief and conflict and still works so hard to encourage others.

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