The mother who gave birth to a very big baby

Chrissy Corbitt understands what it’s like to have a big baby. Chrissy had three children that weighed between 9 and 10 pounds apiece, so she expected her fourth child to weigh the same. What was about to happen to her she had no concept about. Everyone was staring at her as she walked through the door, her baby belly was extremely noticeable.

Her previous pregnancies had left her with diabetes, which contributed to her large belly. When blood sugar levels rise during the last three months of pregnancy, the foetus grows rapidly, which might lead to difficulties after delivery. Chrissy’s daughter is expected to weigh around 10 pounds, according to doctors. Chrissy had given birth by C-section a week before. Carleigh was the name she gave to her baby child.

Chrissy overheard comments like “I don’t think this baby is going to end” throughout the procedure, but she had no idea what they were talking about until the nurse gave her the baby’s weight. The baby weighed 13 pounds when she was born.

When Chrissy and Larry returned home, the baby was so huge that they had to donate all of the clothes and diapers they had purchased for the newborn. Their daughter need clothing for a 9-10 month old child. Carleigh, on the other hand, is a happy and healthy infant.

Chrissy described her kid as “a large squishy baby” who is “adorable.” The most crucial factor is that the infant is healthy, since weight may be altered over time and the child can have a long and happy life.

The heaviest baby ever born weighed 23 pounds and was born in 1879, according to a fun fact.

Despite her little girl’s size, I am thrilled that Chrissy gave birth to a healthy and gorgeous baby!

Do you know anyone who has a baby who was born at this weight?

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