The Older I Get

The Older I get,
The More
I Appreciate
Being Home
– Unknown

If you want to be
respected by others,
the great thing is to
respect yourself.
Only by that, only
by self-respect will
you compel others
to respect you.     
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

As human beings we value
the experience that comes
with age. We are reminded
over and over again with
statements like ‘older and
wiser’ and ‘respect your
elders,’ promoting age as
something to be cherished
and respected.
~ Jenna Morasca

I Learn Every Since I Was A Baby
To Respect Everybody Even Though
They Might Not Like Me Or I Don’t
Like Them But It Goes A Long Way….
Even I Respect Elders or Anybody.
But Look The People You Respect
Will Respect You Back And You Will
Go Some Where In Life So I Always
Respect People No Matter What
You Will See A lot Of Opportunity
I Promise I Been There It Will Make
Your Life Easier..

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