The photographer punches the groom when he sees 15yo bride.

“No power on the face of the earth can make me picture a child in a wedding gown,” the photographer replied flatly.

When a bride and groom were going to take each other as husband and wife, the photographer provoked a riot. And for all the right reasons, he’s suddenly a hero.

Onur Albayrak, a wedding photographer, covered a ceremony in Turkey’s Turgut zal Nature Park on July 5, 2018. When he first met the bride, he saw that she appeared to be pretty young and didn’t appear to be an adult.

“The groom was alone when he came to my studio two weeks ago,” Onur explained. “At the wedding, I saw the bride for the first time.”

When Onur inquired about her age, the groom astonished and outraged him by stating that his fiancée, who was only seconds away from becoming his wife, was 15 years old. When the wedding photographer learned about this, he declined to photograph the event.

“She’s a youngster, and her trembling made me feel her terror. As I was leaving, the groom attacked me. “According to Hurriyet Daily News, one of Turkey’s leading newspapers, Onur said.

According to CBN News, the groom got into a dispute with Onur as he tried to leave, claiming that refusing to take images of the wedding would breach their contract. But Onur refused to budge, and their heated debate degenerated into a scuffle. A scuffle resulted in the groom breaking his nose.

The photographer has expressed no misgivings regarding the turn of events, even confirming on Facebook that the reports were accurate. He’d do it all over again if he had to. Albayrak posted on his Facebook page, “I wish this had never happened, but it did.” Onur wrote, “I wish this had never happened, but it did.” “And if you asked me if I’d do it all over again, I’d answer absolutely.”

“No power on earth can make me shoot a child in a wedding gown since they are victims of child abuse.”

Although Onur intervened to prevent a child from being married at such a young age, it is unknown whether the wedding occurred. His actions are praised, according to Reuters, because Turkey has an alarming rate of juvenile marriages, which only looked to be increasing around the time of this occurrence.

Young girls were handed away as brides before they were of marriageable age, even though the minimum age for marriage is still 18. The photographer’s deed is referred to as “Very often for social reasons people don’t want to make a scene. Therefore I am delighted he did this,” Yasmeen Hassan, worldwide executive director of campaign group Equality Now, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. He should be praised as a hero; more people like him are needed. I’m hoping that the authorities have taken note and that the groom is being prosecuted.”

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