The Precious Final Love Moments

“I was fortunate to witness something amazing during the last few months of my grandmother’s life.

And there was my grandparents’ unconditional love for each other.

We used to mock my grandfather by saying that granny took care of everything and that he couldn’t live without her.

This year, however, the roles were flipped.

As a result, I’ve realised that Romeo and Juliet isn’t the most romantic love storey…

Grandma and Grandpa, on the other hand, got old together.

It’s Grandpa who has been by Grandma’s side through the most trying times of her life.

As she went through six rounds of chemotherapy, he learned to prepare meals, do laundry, and cook for her.

Grandpa is the one who is holding her hand.

Keeping track of all of my doctor’s appointments.

He wouldn’t leave the house until someone else took his place since he didn’t want her to be alone for more than a few minutes.

It’s the hospital staff who are awestruck by his dedication and report that everyone, including those in the waiting rooms, enjoyed watching them together.

He was by her side every day while she was in the hospital and hospice.

He’s calling to ask if I can help him build signs and decorate the house since he believes she’ll be home soon.

Every time he could, he rubbed her cheek, kissed her forehead, and held her hand.

Taking everything in.

His eyes welled up with tears every time he sensed she was uneasy because he couldn’t bear the notion of her being in pain.

‘She’s even more stunning than before.’ ‘Doesn’t she have a lovely figure?’ ‘I’d say,’ he’d say.

After a series of strokes, her body became feeble.

He proceeded to compliment her on her beauty daily.

They had that kind of eternal love that we all wish for.

They would have been married for 60 years next month, but that would not have been enough.

He said goodbye to her with the words, ‘Oh you’re so precious, goodnight my honey.’

Seeing how he loved her is a powerful lesson to make wise decisions.

Choose someone who will remain your best buddy for the next 60 years.

Who will still be there to hold your hand in the good times and, more crucially, the bad times?

Someone who isn’t afraid to speak their feelings.

In a room full of people, who proudly declares, “She’s the most beautiful thing and I adore her so much?”

That is what love is all about.

They met in their 20s at a cycling club in England, and I believe it is reasonable to say that they competed in the most crucial race together.

They pushed through all of life’s difficult climbs by cycling as hard as they could.

They never stopped being teammates for one other and took turns cheering each other on when one of them was tired or defeated.

They had won the most important race of all: a life filled with love.

And what a blessing it has been to be able to witness this wonderful love storey unfold and capture one of their final precious moments together.”

man holding his wife close before she passes
Courtesy of Emily Hime
man holding his wife close before she passes
Courtesy of Emily Hime

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