The teacher buys a new outfit to ‘twin’ with a bullied boy because of his SpongeBob shoes.

“I went shopping with my youngest kid lately, and he fell in love with these sneakers. He had never seen anything like them before. He was ecstatic to display them to my mother and father.

Because he didn’t want to ruin them, he wouldn’t wear them in the rain. He took every stride in his treasured shoes with such care. He was ecstatic with the tremendous new sneakers he had chosen on his own. He couldn’t wait to wear them to school since he knew his peers would think they were just as great as he thought they were.

But then he returned home from school, stuffed the shoes in a dark corner of the closet, and didn’t say anything to me.

I asked him about his shoes the following day as he was getting dressed. He said they were in his closet, and he couldn’t find them. I searched through his closet until I discovered them. ‘Put those on and let’s go!’ I exclaimed.

I didn’t think much of it when he claimed he was having trouble. I hurried him out the door after putting them on him.

Someone asked me how he was doing and if he had said anything about his shoes when I came to school. One of his classmates had commented on his shoes the day before in class. The students were redirected and asked to apologise by the professors.

However, the harm had already been done.

spongebob and patrick shoes
Courtesy of Darla Collins Mullins

My son’s eyes brightened when he saw the shoes he had been so careful to keep and was so proud of no longer felt right and were too difficult to put on.

My mother’s heart broke for him, but I insisted on wearing his shoes because they reflect who he is, and I wouldn’t let other people’s ideas influence his own.

My son was overjoyed the other day to put on his shoes again, this time to match one of his favourite instructors. (He’s looking forward to having him in fourth grade.) Jarrod Walls goes above and above for his students regularly. He purchased himself a pair of really cool shoes after hearing Coltey’s storey so they could be twins.

Thank you so much to everyone who showed their love and support for my darling child, and thanks to you, Mr Walls, for always going above and above! The personnel at Buffalo Grade is unrivalled.

Please TEACH your children to be kind. You can’t tell them to be friendly and then show them how nasty you are by your behaviour and words to others. Everything we do and say is observed and listened to by our children. SHOW THEM HOW TO BE HONEST!

Right now, we’re all vulnerable and need to be handled with care, especially our children. It just takes a few words to break them and many more to reassemble them.”

teacher matching shoes to his student
Courtesy of Darla Collins Mullins

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