The world has been affected by Robbie Middleton’s terrible story, and we must never forget him.

Robbie Middleton turned 8 years old on June 28, 1998.

He went through the woods behind his house late that day to meet a friend for a sleepover. But soon after that, a creature assaulted him.

According to ABC, a teenage attacker tied Robbie to a tree, doused him in gasoline, and set him ablaze near Splendora, Texas.

But it was Robbie’s testimony from his deathbed that allowed a Texas youngster to receive justice after 17 years.

The offender was given the maximum punishment possible, and Robbie’s family received the greatest monetary judgement ever rendered in American history.

Middleton Family Photo

Texas is where Robbie’s tragic tale starts.

He attended school like any other regular boy. However, he encountered a creature on the day of his eighth birthday that would ultimately ruin him and his family.

Don Collins, who was 13 at the time, abducted Robbie, chained him to a tree, doused him with gasoline, and set him ablaze.

Don Collins / Youtube

The horrifying assault happened not far from Robbie’s house in Splendora, Texas.

According to Huffington Post, Robbie came across Don while travelling to a friend’s home.

Robbie suffered third-degree burns on 98% of his body due to the blaze; no one anticipated his survival.

Robbie managed to stumble home despite the flames that devoured his body, landing on the sidewalk in a mass of scorched flesh.

When his mother discovered him, she was in shock. His body was covered with painful blisters, and flesh was hanging off his ankles.

Robbie Middleton / Youtube

The Middleton family was informed by hospital staff that Robbie wouldn’t live. After his burns, he underwent more than 150 operations and spent most of his days at a rehabilitation facility.

Robbie was damaged and scarred, yet he gained a reputation for being optimistic.

He would say, “The past is the past. It would help if you let it go, she said.

Robbie Middleton underwent countless skin grafts and more than 150 operations after suffering burns covering 99 percent of his body. (Middleton Family via Chron)

Sadly, Robbie’s body started to deteriorate ten years after the attack.

Doctors determined that his numerous burns were a direct cause of his cancer diagnosis. Robbie had severe skin cancer from third-degree burns when he was 20.

His death was judged to be a homicide by US courts. Don Collins was suspected of committing the crime but was later freed due to a lack of supporting evidence—the only eyewitness was a youngster, age eight.

But Robbie provided new testimony to the Middleton family’s attorney while on his deathbed. He said, “Don did it,” confirming that Don had committed the terrible deed.

The court could hear Robbie corroborate what transpired in the video. Robbie Middleton provided the following statement to authorities just before he passed away:

Don seized my shoulder and sprayed me with gas. I don’t recall anything after that.

Robbie Middleton / Youtube

A Galveston court punished the culprit, now 29 years old, in February 2015 after the attorney recorded his statement.

Before the final arguments, Collins was called to the stand by defence attorney Tay Bond.

After taking the oath of office, Collins informed the court that he was asserting his Fifth Amendment right to silence. The jury was subsequently persuaded to find Collins guilty by Montgomery County Chief Prosecutor Rob Freyer.

Don Collins / Facebook

Due to his young age at the time of the crime, the state gave him the harshest sentence possible: 40 years in prison.

During his closing argument in court, prosecutor Rob Freyer reportedly said, “Today that little guy gets to hit back.”

“You must pay today,” was said.

robbie middleton
Robbie in 1998 / Youtube

During the prosecution, the attorney stated that the crime was because Don had sexually attacked Robbie two weeks before the attack.

Robbie claimed to the attorney on the video that Don had done it to quiet him. Robbie said that Collins had sexually assaulted him in those same woods just days before he was set ablaze.

Robbie eventually acknowledged what had occurred. After so many years…

The jury viewed the video in which Robbie made all of his confessions while lying in a hospital bed, 17 days before he passed away.

According to ABC, a second man who is now an adult admitted that Don similarly mistreated him when he was a child.

robbie middleton
Robbie’s mother, Colleen: Youtube

According to The Telegraph, Robbie’s family also earned the greatest damages ever awarded in the US: $150 billion.

But no amount of money in the world will be able to return Robbie to his family.

Every year on June 28, the day of Robbie Middleton’s birthday, the city of Galveston observes Robbie Middleton Day as a tribute to him.

Over the years, Robbie’s story has affected many people all over the world, and his family has frequently told the news about his harrowing experience.

Robbie must always be remembered. That he endured so much time without disclosing what occurred…

Despite his discomfort, he managed to find the time and energy to raise funds for further burn victims. He was truly a hero, and we will miss him.

It isn’t very good. Never be afraid to let someone know something is wrong, whether it concerns a friend, teacher, parent, or another individual. Please spread this in memory of him.

Enjoy your tranquilly, 6/28/1990 – 4/29/2011 Robbie

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