Think with your Heart

Those who think
there is a TIME LIMIT…
when GRIEVING…have
never lost a piece of
their HEART. -unknown

Losing someone you love is damaging to your mind, your life and it has huge connotations in your life. Even if it doesn’t really feel like a lot at first, the reality is that once you start grieving, it’s not going to go away that fast. It will take a lot of time to process the fact that someone you love and which you cherish just goes away. These things happen to everyone, but that doesn’t mean all of us react the same.
That’s a challenge, and we need to understand one another. It will not be easy to deal with this kind of stuff, unless you take action fast and you really know what you are getting into. Will it be easy? There’s no way to know that unless you go through something like this.
Sure, you can move on if you want, that might be fine for you. But imposing other people to grieve within a time limit is not ok. It will not be good for you and it will end up being a problem. That’s why you have to do whatever you can and what you have in your power to make it work. Is it going to be easy? Of course not, but you can’t just stay there. All you can do is to take your time and grieve. Don’t feel pressured by other people to move on. They didn’t go through what you are dealing with now. So just consider everything and take precautions or handle stuff accordingly.

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