Time is precious

remind us that nothing
lasts forever. Time is
precious and should
not be wasted. Enjoy
life and remember,
don’t count the days,
make the days count.

If there was anything I learned the hard way it should be to make every moment of our life worthwhile.

I have always been a difficult person because of the past, and memories that keeps haunting me. I hated myself, and everyone around me, and built high walls around myself.

Even to my parents, I wasn’t easygoing; my mom stopped being around most of the time, and I least cared about her whereabouts. Many times, my dad invited me for a talk I always curved him, as I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

I was angry because I lost my twin, and it was their fault; I blamed it on them, if only they left him to follow his heart he could have been alive.

I spent less time at home and only cared about myself. My kidney was failing me and I didn’t want to let anyone know; I wanted to join my brother too. I was due to live not more than a month and I was happy that my time was near.

Suddenly my mom started being around, and I guessed she was back from her usual trips.

I was on my out when I suddenly lost consciousness, I was happy that darkness was finally embracing me. The next time I woke up, I was on a hospital bed; I wasn’t so happy until I heard the daughter saying that the transplant was a success.

I later found out, my mom gave up her kidney for me. She wasn’t so strong and lost her life in the process. I cried a river; we weren’t the best of friends, but she laid her life in the line for me. I wish I could reverse the hands of time to show her that I love her. 

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