‘To her, he’s like a son.’ Grandma’s touching reaction to a surprise meeting with a childhood friend

Granny Honey travelled to Haiti in 2010 to assist residents in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. She made friends with a young man named Johny Jean Louis while she was there. Their bond became more robust over time, and they both made excursions to see each other whenever they could. She now considers Johny to be a member of her family.

Johny is now a firefighter in Florida with his own family, but he still has a warm spot for his favourite grandmother. Honey’s granddaughter, Carly Mason Boseker, filmed the moment Johny surprises Honey in her house in a lovely online video.

Honey is escorted into the dining room, where Johny awaits. She begins to scream as soon as she sees him – literally call! We can’t help but giggle with delight since she’s so taken aback!

“God brought these two together at at the right time.” Carly stated, “Honey gained a son shortly after losing one of her seven children.” “He’s Grandma’s pride and pleasure, and we adore him.”

In the video below, you can see Honey’s adorable over-the-top reaction.


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