Tornado kills seven children who live on the same street – ‘I heard them, and it terrified me.’

On Saturday, a tornado blasted through a neighborhood in Bowling Green, Kentucky, killing fifteen people.

Seven of the fifteen people were children from the same street.

Warren County Coroner Kevin Kirby remarked, “Our community took a tremendous punch.”


Residents raced for safety as the tornado sirens blasted.

The gusts roared around, ripping up houses and tossing cars around like toys. People could only do so much to protect themselves from Mother Nature.

Moss Creek Avenue, in particular, was particularly heavily affected. Eleven individuals living on the block died, seven of whom were children.

Melinda Allen-Ray, a neighbor, heard her neighbors’ panicked screams as she escaped from her ruined home.

“I was traumatized when I heard them. “I think about that every night before I go to sleep and when I wake up,” she said.

“All I can think of now is all those babies.”


One family has endured a significant setback. They were two brothers who lived next door and lost family members.

On the same block, another family lost six members of their family.

“It’s terrible to think about going to bed and your entire family is gone the next day,” Bowling Green Police Department Officer Ronnie Ward said.


Officials rummage through the wreckage on Monday, searching for more victims. The unaccounted-for had reduced from 136 to 13 by Monday evening.

Bowling Green police Chief Michael Delaney stated, “We want to make sure everyone gets their loved ones back and is reunited if they’ve been displaced.”

As residents continue to assess the damage and begin the cleanup, we hear firsthand accounts from tornado victims.

Please keep all of the victims of the horrific tornadoes in your thoughts and prayers.

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