Two Abusive Teachers Are Fired One Day After Mom Hides Microphone In Autistic Son’s Backpack

Melissa Davis suspected that something wasn’t quite right with her son Cameron. His conduct had abruptly changed, and she was concerned.

Melissa wanted to learn more about what had caused her son’s behaviour to shift. She concealed a microphone in her son’s backpack and sent him to school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She had no idea what she was in for when she listened to the sound recordings. Her son began peeing the bed and becoming a domestic tyrant.

The 12-year-old youngster has severe autism, and his mother believes he is being mistreated at school.

She contacted the school, but they could not assist her, so she decided to take action independently.

She was taken aback by what she heard on the tapes. She had heard that his teachers were making fun of him and harassing him.

What’s so tricky about simply writing the word? an instructor was overheard remarking. These teachers also claimed that the boy would not last a day in a public school.

Melissa couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what she was hearing. Every day, my son was there, and I had no idea what transpired before this tape.

She shared everything on social media, which quickly became a viral sensation. TV firms also shared the recordings, which resulted in the two teachers losing their jobs.

The boy’s family received an apology from the school. Melissa transferred her son to a new school, hoping that he would be treated fairly.

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