Ukrainians feed a famished Russian soldier who has surrendered during a video conversation with his mother.

Food and beverages are being given to the Russian soldier by kind Ukrainians.

Our political leaders have taken no lessons from previous battles. In the end, it is innocent civilians who suffer, the same people who voted them into power after believing in their “I pledge to protect you” oath. The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, like all earlier wars, is entirely pointless, as evidenced by a moving film.

A famished Russian breaks down while chatting to his mother over a video call in this viral video, demonstrating the horrific absurdity of war. The soldier was spotted being offered buns and steaming tea by the very people he was ordered to assault after purportedly surrendering to Ukrainians. In the clips, he can be seen excitedly gulping down beverages and chewing on food while kind Ukrainians assist him in regaining his strength.

In the meantime, a woman stands in front of him, holding a phone close to his face. According to accounts, she was assisting him in video calling his mother. Throughout the video, the soldier appears calm and composed, but he breaks down as soon as he sees his mother on the phone. While meeting his mother, the Russian soldier kisses his fingers to symbolize affection.

According to a translation of the audio prepared by someone claiming to be a native Russian, the young soldier had no idea where he was or why he had been sent on a convoy into Ukraine, according to the individual telling the incident. After that, the speaker urged Russian moms and other civilians to keep their children at home and protest the stupid war. “They’re sacrificing their children as cannon fodder. They have no idea where they’re going, “According to DailyDot, he says.

In terms of the dialogue, the woman on the other end of the line addressed the soldier’s mother as Natasha and assured her that her son was safe. She ensures that her young kid is secure and keeps in touch with her. When the soldier meets his mother, he is overcome with emotion, and the young woman comforts him by placing her hand on his shoulder.

Despite the fact that they have been assaulted, Ukrainians have shown a surprising amount of compassion for their attackers. The Ukrainian military has even pledged to return seized Russian children to their mothers, provided the mothers travel to Kyiv to get them. A translation of the document read, “It was determined to give the seized Russian soldiers to their moms if they come for them to Ukraine, to Kyiv.” “You will be met and escorted to Kyiv, where your son will be given to you. Unlike Putin’s fascists, we Ukrainians do not fight mothers and their enslaved children.”

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