Unbeknownst to her, a single mother adopts an abandoned newborn girl, unaware that she is her adoptive son’s biological sister

Life is full of wonders, and beautiful things are just around the corner, waiting for us to welcome them with open arms. Katie Price, 30, saw her divorce not as a setback but as an opportunity to restart her life and find happiness in fostering children.

Despite her infertility challenges, she felt she would be a wonderful mother one day, whether or not she gave birth to the children in her life. Katie had fostered four children over the years, but her life changed dramatically when she received a call about an abandoned 4-day-old baby who needed to be adopted.

Katie and Grayson formed an instant attachment while he was in her care, and she eventually adopted him when he was 11 months old. Katie’s happiest day in her life was the day Grayson became her legal son.

She received a call from a caseworker one day, telling her about a baby girl who had been surrendered at the same hospital Grayson had been a year before. They inquired as to Katie’s interest in fostering the young lady. Katie’s baby Hannah became a member of her family not long after. However, something peculiar caught the girl’s attention when she was being dropped off at Katie’s residence. The woman named Hannah’s mother had the same name as Grayson’s mother.

Katie’s intuition didn’t mislead Hannah’s birth mother when she spoke with her. That woman revealed to her that she had given birth to a boy before Hannah. Katie’s adoptive children were biological half-siblings, according to a DNA test. “What if A different family had adopted a baby girl?” Katie wrote about it on her blog. “We would never have found her or Grayson’s mother if it hadn’t been for her. The link would never have been discovered!

The miracle that had just occurred astounded me.

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