Virus free Christmas Hugs

I’m Sending out virus
Free Christmas Hugs
Please Take One and
Pass it on…

“When we were children
we were grateful to those
who filled our stockings
at Christmas time. Why
are we not grateful to God
for filling our stockings
with legs?” – Gilbert K.

“Christmas is a necessity.
There has to be at least one
day of the year to remind us
that we’re here for
something else besides
ourselves.”-Eric Sevareid

“As we struggle with shopping
lists and invitations, compounded
by December’s bad weather, it is
good to be reminded that there
are people in our lives who are
worth this aggravation, and people
to whom we are worth the same.”
Donald E. Westlake

Best of all, Christmas means a
spirit of love, a time when the
love of God and the love of our
fellow men should prevail over
all hatred and bitterness, a time
when our thoughts and deeds
and the spirit of our lives
manifest the presence of God.     
George F McDougall

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