Volunteers join forces to paint elderly man’s home after teens criticize it

Josh could tell that the teen’s nasty comments had upset his 75-year-old neighbor, so he refused to sit by and do nothing.

Not all houses are attractive, and not everyone can afford to renovate or repair their home.


If you’ve lived there for more than a decade, you’ve undoubtedly become accustomed to its imperfections and can hardly notice them now.

After all, our homes frequently bring a sense of satisfaction due to the pleasant memories associated with them.

As a result, hearing others say your house should be “burned down” can only make you sad.


This happened to Leonard Bullock, a 75-year-old Pendleton, Oregon resident.

The man had lived in his home for more than 15 years with his wife, whom he had married in 2000, and he adored it—however, a few problems needed to be fixed or improved.

Unfortunately, the couple had been living on a shoestring budget and couldn’t afford to repair the home.


In 2000, the man and his wife Dorothy moved into this house after meeting at a church in Walla Walla, Washington. And, even though he was already retired at the time, the two of them did not have the financial resources to finance a refurbishment project.

Years passed, and the couple had come to terms with the idea that their home would never be as attractive as the homes in their neighborhood. Until one day, some teenagers made a remark that made their hearts sink.

The youngsters joked that their house should be set on fire because it was in such horrible shape. When the man heard them, it was clear that he was offended.

Josh Cyganik, a neighboring worker, happened to see the incident.

“I noticed Leonard’s expression. “I could tell he was bothered by the remark,” Cyganik told Union Pacific. “I don’t believe any elderly person should have to listen to what those two kids said. I stewed about it for several days before deciding to take action.”

He realized he had to aid this beautiful couple in some way.

So he contacted a local timber firm to see if they could provide paint, and he advertised his plans on Facebook to find more volunteers to help him.

The next step was to approach Bullock and request that he paint his home. The man, of course, was delighted to accept the offer.

When Cyganik got to Bullock’s house on the appointed day, he saw that roughly 20 people had gathered and were waiting for him.

Over 100 volunteers went by the house to provide a hand during the day. It was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen.

The old couple was overjoyed at the looks of their property, which appeared to be brand new.

Because of his good deed, Cyganik was lauded as a hero by the local media, but as he explains:

“I’m a hero in the eyes of the media.” “I’m not a hero; all I did was hear something that offended me,” Cyganik explained. “Anyone would have acted in the same way.” It is in everyone’s heart to accomplish things like this.”


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